Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Bonding with sister

Or coming unglued.

Yesterday, Sister and I went to Harrison searching for a desk for my computer and printer.  I had a computer  hutch that was falling apart that I threw out last week.  We found the perfect desk.

This is actually a maple serving cart with wheels.  It was only $55 at Lovejoy's junk store.  I think it was priced so low because it is way to wobbly to use as a cart.  It works great as a desk.  It has a flip up leaf on each end.

When I am not using the computer, which is most of the time, I just put it away like this.  This also leaves my printer much more easily accessible.  That is important because my printer is the neighborhood printer, used by neighbors in both east and west.

We also got this neat box for Robert's little cars.  The tin sign on top came from our new Hobby Lobby in Harrison.  He loved it and has it full of cars already.

We went by the cemetery.  Sister had been there the day before and removed the fresh flowers. I did not get a closeup but the grave marker from the funeral home has his military photo on it.  It really looks nice.  We have order the military marker.  It will will be at the foot of the grave.  I will wait a few weeks before ordering the big marker.  I think I am going with grey granite.  Sister says get one like Dad and Mom/s.  I told her she does not have a vote.  The voters all said I am the decider. Things are still much the same, only different. I have always been the decider.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Rainy day

So, I will not be walking this am as planned.  I am going to start my daily walk again, so I will try for after Church to see if the skies clear.

Yesterday, I walked over to the Y by Molders.  I think that is about 4 miles round trip, but I have forgotten my mileage points on the road.  It has been over a year since I walked daily.

Greg went back to Alabama yesterday.  He arrived safely,  and will return to work Monday.

I am going to take 2 more weeks off before going back to work.

The kids are handling it all much better than I expected.  One day at a time, just trying to enjoy life.

Advice from Sister