Saturday, March 26, 2016

Now we have a big ten

Big White had two pretty nannies about 6 pm yesterday.

With one kid being born dead and one we gave away, we now have 10 new kids left.  Three billies and seven nannies.

She had them behind Junior's house, at the edge of the Rock Quarry.  They are really good looking kids.

Sonny, our billy, has thrown 7 nannies out of 12 kids. That is 60% nannies.  Before, we usually got only about 25% nannies out of any of our billies.

Don't leave Helen in charge...

Cause things die.

Our nanny Patsy died 3 days after her kids were born and one of them was born dead.  No idea what was wrong.  We gave the remaining Billy to Linda T. This is a plus because she will raise it and we can borrow him back someday if we want to.

Today, we are taking JT to market and then going over to Linda and JT's for a family gathering.  We plan on having a good day.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring Break

We had a fun time.  Mount Magazine was blah, but Petit Jean was lots of great.

Hannah thought this was soooo funny.

Because brother tried it and the limb went all the way to the ground.

Another one of Hannah's favorites.

Bad hair day.