Sunday, March 20, 2016

One more

Makes 9.

Patsy had two boys, but only one  made it.  I don't think the other one ever got to  his feet.

He looks good.  We named him Gilbert.

Gilbert came over and fixed my cook stove yesterday.  I guess these things are now now as kitchen ranges, but down on dry creek, it is still a cook stove.  He brought Tony with him to help.  Tony did not help, he broke a part that was working until he touched it.  They went to Powell's and got parts.  I baked a cake and it was very good.  It is good to have and oven again.

Tomorrow starts Spring Break.  I have three days off.  I guess I need it.  I slept 3 hours after Church today.

We have three more big goats and one little Bertha still to have kids.  Big White will be next, sometime in the next two weeks.  I hope she has a billy and a nanny.

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