Saturday, April 11, 2015

Today is go geter day

We are to pick up Helen at spf today at noon.  The kids are excited to see her.  I have not checked on her house all week.  It is still there as I see it as I pass by each day.

I walked 6 miles yesterday, 23.5 for the week.  I really like my new pedometer.  It says 24050 steps yesterday, the most it has recorded since I got it.  I have been logging my steps along with my miles, which would not be possible without the memory on the pedo.

I have now picked up trash along 6 miles of road.  From the junction past Callen's Branch to he Coin Bridge, plus from my house to Dan's, and from the Red Barn to Peden's chicken houses.  I think this weekend I will try to get the loop around by Molder's back by Barnhill's to the Meek Hill.  I need to contact the county and see if they have a place we can dispose of the trash, and maybe some orange trash bags.  Each day, there are are a few new pieces of trash, but if I don't have a bag with me, I throw the trash in the middle to the road so I will not miss it the next time.

I have been teaching Hannah to cook.  She did Hburger helper one night mac and cheese one night.  I think we will do either tacos or pork chops tonight.

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Easter sunrise from the bottom of Meek HIll

We went to Easter services,  the kids were pleased their Dad went with us.  We did not get to do the egg hunt as it was raining.  They will try again next Sunday.  Helen will be here.  Maybe she will lay the golden egg.

I walked 4 miles before Church and 2 miles this evening.  Yesterday, I walked to the Coin bridge and picked up trash.  I  had already picked up to the top of Meek Hill and over to Calen's branch slab.  When I took the truck yesterday to get the trash, I went on over to the junction by the Church picking up as I went.  Next, I am going around the Molder, Smothers, Norris section, maybe sometime this week.  After I get that done, I am starting up the Douglas Road all the way to town.  George is going to be so pleased, as I haul it all back here and put in his burn pit.  Soon, he is going to need a new pit.

Quote from Hannay, "Grndma is Sweet, Papa is funny, Daddy is goofy, Robert is weird, and I am pretty.'

Green Forest Arkansas Class of 1965, with names

Back, L to R
Pat Bishop, Clifford Cooper, Kenny Tharp, Jim Smith, Floyd, Lillard Robinette
Middle Row
Lana Skelton Kilborn, Sharon Powell Rowe, June Hittson Moore, Carol Smith ?, Linds Stone, Vickey Brady ?, Marilyn Rand Rousey, Linda Parks Thompson, Fleta Powell Aday, Kenny Hunt
Front Row
Beverly Bishop Dorsey, Don Gregg, Gary Hopper, Jim Swofford, Robert Smalley, Linda Jenkins

Green Forest, Arkansas, Class of 1965

Then, 1965.

Now, 2015.

50 years.