Friday, February 17, 2017

Update on George

For those that may not have heard.  His sister Wanda has been diagnosed with liver cancer.  She is not expected to live more than a few months.  He and all his siblings have gathered in Colorado to be with her for a few days while she is still well enough  to enjoy their visit.  

George posted on facebook trying to locate the name of the cemetery  their mother is buried
 in.  They all know where she is buried, but had forgotten the actual name of the cemetery.   Now,  they know.  It makes me think of our own small home town.  Need to know something, ask your friends on FB.

And, I picked some of my own flowers before some thief comes back and gets the rest of them.

For the birds

Sisters are posting about yellow birds.  The American Golden Finch is bright yellow with dark black accents in summer, but in the middle of winter it is a dull brown with yellow shading.  I wanted to find a pic with the different phases but I have to go to work now.  I found this great site, where you click and it will show the coloring of this bird from January through all 12 months.  Go look.  In December they are dull and in July they are bright yellow with black accents.

Have to go back to work now.  After all, today is go home early day.

I have to go get laundry soap cause Helen wasted it all washing clothes.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentines day

George arrived in Durango safely.  Hannah and Helen are doing his chores while he is gone.  We could call the them the two H helpers.  Here is Hannah putting the goats up last night.  She had a basketball game and I told her I had to get the goats in before we left.  She was motivated.  Here team is undefeated.  That is the first string is undefeated.  She is on the second string that plays one quarter after the first game.  She said it was not first string but A and B team.  Her B team is not undefeated.  She enjoys the playing and the practicing so it is good.

Helen says she is doing George's chores also, but I have not been there to watch.  She may just be watching my satellite TV and stealing tools and food.  If you enlarge the above pic, you can see her rescuing Robert and the blue barrel Sunday.

Weather has been really nice for February in the Ozarks.