Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Fall is here

I am trying posting from my phone. I have done this before but forgot it works.
I made Hannah cape and it looked fine to her. Tonight is church night. Last night was scouts. They halloween. Hannah won a lot of candy at a guessing game.
Robert was sad that he did not win. Hannah said we both won because we share. She is growing up.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The last hooray

Flowers at the neighbors.  We have not had a killing frost as yet, but should be soon.

And the last tomato.  There are a couple of green ones yet, but I doubt they will ripen.

Today is crazy hair day, so I am going in late so I can fix Hannah's hair.  We have colored spray and I am going to put it in crazy pig tales at odd places.  Robert will get only colored spray.  Yesterday was crazy hat day.  We found Hannah a hat at Helen's,  Robert wore his Jeff Gordon hat.  He does not get in to what eveyone else is doing and just does his own thing.

I sure wish Helen was here.  I bought Hannah a mask for Halloween and she wants a purple cape to go with it.  Today, I am going to look for purple material to make a cape.  If sister was here, I would just hand that chore off to her.

They got a box from Washington yesterday.  Lots of clothes and shoes for Hannah.  The shoes are too big for now, but we will save them.  Robert got truck books and he loved them.

Time for pancakes.