Saturday, May 04, 2013

Chicken House

Aunt Patsy has bought laying hens for the girl.  Tomorrow me and Papa will fix this house so it will  turn chickens and then we will go get them.  It needs boards put in the back where the rafters meet the wall and one end at the top needs to be replaced.  It shouldn't take but a couple of hours to fix it.  We have chicken wire to fix the wire enclosure but we have not gotten that fixed like we planned.  Something came up.  After we get them in the house for a couple of weeks, we can turn them out during the day if we want and they will go back to roast at night.

Our big boy.

Lazy Saturday

Guys had to work today, so we are having a lazy day with kids.  Emmy is here and she is a big help, especially with Hannah.  It is rainy and cold.

We moped the floor before any of the kids woke up and then cleaned the bathrooms after breakfast, so the house looks good with minimal work.

We went to the library and got new books.  Robert got a truck DVD and H got a princess DVD.

We are having oven BBQ pork chops, potato salad and bread for supper. I may see if I can find a recipe for crock pot BBQ chops.

At least it is not snowing.  Tomorrow is supposed to be better weather wise.  I sure hope so. It is time for Spring.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Thursday, May 2

Today is Debbie's birthday and tomorrow Patsy will be 75, I guess. That is what Betty said.  Betty sent me a card for Patsy's birthday.  Patsy is old and Betty is senile.  Thanks for the card and other things, Betty.

And, we got the package from Helen today.  There were toys for Robert, school supplies which Hannah confiscated, a few clothes for Robert which he did not even look at, and lots of clothes and a purple bed cover for Hannah.  She loved all the clothes and the purple thing for the bed.  We had to wash it and put it on the bed tonight.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday, April 30

Last day in April, but it is supposed to be cold again Thursday and Friday.

Kids are doing great.  Today was supposed to be Mom visit, but another no show and not even a call this time.  Visits are to be supervised by DHS.  I think she thought MIL was going to supervise.  They said same time next Tuesday, but probably she will not be there.

We bought a 18V battery powered electric weed eater Sunday.  I plan on using it on the graveyard.  I tired it today and it works really well and is not nearly as heavy as George's big gas weed eater.  I may take it to the graveyard this weekend and see if I can cut the grass.

Still no package from Helen.  I bet she did not even send one, she just said that to fool us.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Beautiful Sunday

Emmy was here and took all the kids for rides on the neighbor's 4 wheeler.  They all loved it, but Robert loved it the most.  Then I took them over to Callen's branch slab and they played in the water on the slab.  It was 70 degrees but the water was still very cold.

Tomorrow, I have a meeting at Robert's school to see what they recommend for him, and how to get him transferred to this side of the county.

Everyone is asleep except the old folks.  

The kids rash is about gone.  The doctor said to use dove soap, and clear detergent on their clothes.   I could not find unscented shampoo for Hannah and a friend at work recommended using  baby shampoo. I got Johnson's Baby Shampoo for her and it has really helped her hair.  It rinses out much better and her hair does not tangle so much.  I would really like to have her hair cut short, but Dad says no.

Back to school tomorrwo.