Sunday, April 28, 2013

Beautiful Sunday

Emmy was here and took all the kids for rides on the neighbor's 4 wheeler.  They all loved it, but Robert loved it the most.  Then I took them over to Callen's branch slab and they played in the water on the slab.  It was 70 degrees but the water was still very cold.

Tomorrow, I have a meeting at Robert's school to see what they recommend for him, and how to get him transferred to this side of the county.

Everyone is asleep except the old folks.  

The kids rash is about gone.  The doctor said to use dove soap, and clear detergent on their clothes.   I could not find unscented shampoo for Hannah and a friend at work recommended using  baby shampoo. I got Johnson's Baby Shampoo for her and it has really helped her hair.  It rinses out much better and her hair does not tangle so much.  I would really like to have her hair cut short, but Dad says no.

Back to school tomorrwo.


The 4th Sister said...

I did not know they had a rash....the soap , laundry that patsy put on her blog I use all of the time...1/3 bar ivory soap shredded disolve in 4 cups water on stove keep stirring till disolved...then 1/2 c borax and 1/2 c laundry baking out it foams..after disolved .add 6 more cups hot water then mix I then put it in a 2 gallon bottle I have and fill to the top with water to make 2 gall/// I shake it 3 or 4 times over the next 12 hours and it jells after Jake has always had to have the pure downey laundry soap and pure fabric softener...EVERYTHING else gave him SORES not just a rash.. I use this on his clothes with no softener and it is really good fleet'''easy and cheap'''look at pat's blog and type in laundry soap and it pulls it up...ckeck it there it may be 1 c soda and borax ...but fleet this is easy'''cheap;;and pure...I know you are really busy now but make it before you have to buy soap again...

I think it is the best...really..pat might even make it for you
I imagine she still has the stuff...a box of borax and washing soda will last A lifetime...
Kris waited for me to come back to make more soap;;I used it today...try it remember I live to is good


The 4th Sister said...


For jake's hair I use his Cetaphil (gentle skin cleanser) for his body and hair. This is non fragrant, and should soften her hair as it is made to soften the skin. It is not cheap ($10 for 16 oz). They also make a Johnson and Johnson non fragrant spray dangler that I have used on Amanda's hair that works and she has sensitive skin like Jake and her hair is stringy and down to her butt. The two together should help. Mom said to let you know what I thought. Take it or leave it. Love you guys, Kristina

The 4th Sister said...

Also, the clothes from Amanda will have to be rewashed. Amanda has outgrown the rash from soap. I use purex on hers but it is fragrant. We did not rewash them with non fragrant. Hope she is able to use some of it.


Sister--Three said...

Glad you all are doing well. Don't cut hair if Dad does not want it short.

I started getting rash and found I could use Ivory soap. I had it for over a year trying to figure out what it was and it was the soap and I used the soft ones like dove. Now I just buy Ivory. It is pure.

Your life is busy. I pray for you daily.

The 4th Sister said...

Your life is busy...I even envy you a little...a reason to live...someone that really needs you..someone that will always remember you fondly

Erin said...

I'm sure once they adjust you can use regular soap. I think it has to do with how/if they were washed before. I have some dreft you can have. Love you!