Saturday, May 04, 2013

Lazy Saturday

Guys had to work today, so we are having a lazy day with kids.  Emmy is here and she is a big help, especially with Hannah.  It is rainy and cold.

We moped the floor before any of the kids woke up and then cleaned the bathrooms after breakfast, so the house looks good with minimal work.

We went to the library and got new books.  Robert got a truck DVD and H got a princess DVD.

We are having oven BBQ pork chops, potato salad and bread for supper. I may see if I can find a recipe for crock pot BBQ chops.

At least it is not snowing.  Tomorrow is supposed to be better weather wise.  I sure hope so. It is time for Spring.

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Sister--Three said...

It is raining cold rain here again. Hope this will be over soon.