Sunday, March 29, 2015

Miles to go...

about 900.  I have walked 299 miles in my journey to Fredericksburg.  That puts me in St. Louis, and this is what I saw yesterday.

This is an old homeplace on the road between my house and Farewell.  I just don't know who's old homeplace.  In the 80's it belonged to Teddy McGivens.  I would like to know who lived here when we were kids in the 60's, but there is no one to ask.

The house has been knocked down, but the old barn, a garage, another outbuilding, and the cellar are still standing.  It is the next place down from the Clay Tharp place.  I was wondering if Clayton Ayers did not live there at one time as Teddy McGivens bought the Ayers place between here and town.  Maybe this was an unattached part of Ayers land, maybe where Ayers lived before they moved up on Douglas Road.  Or, maybe this belonged to one of the Eply's.  I just do not remember.

It was a nice walk, overcast, about 40 to 45 degrees.  As always, I could see the Rock Quarry from just back down the road from here.

Red Barn in the center.

And, the Snyder place.

And the back of the Teter place.

I am calling this 8 miles round trip, although Google says it was just over 3.8 miles down to the corner where I turned around.  It took 3 hours to walk this.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sweet Sixteen

Sisters have been melancholy in their comments.  This is March, the month of March Madness and Sweet Sixteen, on the news everyday.  Brother loved Sweet Sixteen.

I am selfish.  What I miss the most is no one to ask. Just last week, we saw an old barn over towards Farewell.  I cannot remember who lived there when we were kids. No one to ask.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Almost Friday

Kids have been home on spring break since Tuesday. Monday and Tuesday were nice, but yesterday we had storms and today was cool.

Tuesday, Hannah went with me on my walk, and yesterday they both went.

Sunday on my walk, I picked up trash over to the red barn.  Today, I picked up trash to the top of the Meek hill.  I think this next month I will pick up trash all the way to our Church.  Maybe.

Tomorrow afternoon I am taking the kids, and Emmy if she wants to go, to see Cinderella.  At first Robert did not want to go because it is a Princess movie, then he said, OK, I will go with you two.  

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Great day to the evening and windows 8 cursor

It has been a beautiful day.  Cool and foggy this am, warm and cloudy now at 6 pm.  I walked 4 miles this am to make my 25 miles this week.

Greg is here.  He took the kids fishing at Denver this am. They caught several small fish and put them in the pond here by the house.  Now they have gone bowling.

George and I went to Walmart at Branson and bought a 8 man tent to take the kids camping when it gets warm.  My boss told me about buy an instant setup tent.  It sounded convenient as all the poles are made into the tent and do not get lost, so that is what we got.  I am ordering them sleeping bags later tonight or tomorrow.  I bought a rechargeable lantern and a solar powered flashlight.  So, the next really nice weekend we have, we are going camping on the great Buffalo.

And about the cursor.  For the second time on this computer, the cursor disappeared.  I had to search again online as I had forgotten what I found the last time this happened.  The f5 key on my little computer makes the cursor invisible. I did not know I had touched that key, but I guess I did as the cursor would not appear until I searched for the answer and presto, here it is again.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Can you guess

what she is doing?

Monday, March 16, 2015

Good start

to the week.  It was over 70 yesterday  and supposed to be again today.  Spring is here.

Yesterday, after Church, we took the kids to a little drive through zoo at Eagle Rock.  The had lots of fun, but next time we will just go to the real zoo at Springdale.  This was recommended by a friend, and after going there, I think the real attraction here for many people is the drive don't walk part.  Just the same, the kids liked it.  But, just as we left, Hannah asked to go to a real zoo next time.  

We also stopped off at Enon on the way home.  I took a picnic lunch, but by the time we got to Enon at past 4, George had eaten his sandwiches and the kids had filled up on junk food. Still, they really enjoyed playing at the edge of the lake.  They want to go back and fish someday.

I walked 2 miles Sunday morning and 4 after we got home.  I am now at the 250 mile mark.  That should puts me about 50 miles from St. Louis.