Friday, November 08, 2019

Dirty pigs

I took this pic of the neighbor's pigs a couple of days ago meaning to post it.  They are really growing.  She loves pigs. I think they stink.  I loved my goats. She said 'they stink'.

This will probably be a dirty post. My phone took a bsth in the toilet yesterday.  I put it in a bag of oats last night as I did not have rice. Dirty pug woman said Google recommends oats.  It seem to be working almost normal now.  Sister Betty says buy rice today and bag it each night for a few days.  

My first thought as I saw what had happened was I am glad it is an $80 phone.

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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Kid food

Last night at Church, we had Halloween treats.  Sister Joyce  made these really cute, but simple, treats.  They looked really cute and easy to make. 

And Sister Marie always brings these cute orange pumpkins.

I took ice cream bars.  There were so many  treats, I had 2  boxes of left overs. I will just save them and take them back next week when it is my turn to take food.

It is really cold and Hannah has to go to a football game tonight because of her sports thing.  I have in mind that I will go also, but it is really cold, so I don't know.  We will see.  Don't tell her, but I hate the school sports things.  I know someone should go when it is here, but it is hard for me to make myself suffer so greatly.  

Sunday, October 27, 2019

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Google thinks they have improved on my photo. 

Sunday Morn

I went for a short walk just after sunrise. It was very foggy.

Now, I Think I will go to Church. I have missed the last 2 Sundays for no good reason.

Brother was thinking about deer hunting today.  I did not see him here. He may have decided on a more promising place. I did see deer tracks in the mud by Helen's mailbox and just past the little pond that isn't. 

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Saturday, October 26, 2019


Hannah running the 2 mile cross country.  Not fun on the first freezing day of the season.

She is easy to spot in her neon yellow shoes.

Not sure if the others in red or Green Forest or not.  There were other red and white teams.

She is about the center here, by the white pipe.

This is the 7th grad cross country team before the season started.  By the first race, only 3 girls were still on the team.  Cross country is hard, not fun.  She has finished every race somewhere in about the middle of the times, but towards the back of the pack.  The back is way more crowed then the front.  I think it is good just to finish at all, especially now that it is cold.

But, she just made the basketball team.  We are really proud of her. She loves basketball.  Hopefully, there will be more fun in this sport.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Changing things around

I have been wanting to change things in my bedroom for some time now.  Saturday, I got a new day bed and rearranged everything.  This gives me more room and does not look so cramped.  I like it.