Sunday, December 10, 2017


This is the stone I picked for George's grave.  I plan on having the 11th cav horse

It will be a solid background, not colored, and a cross maybe with a Lilly on my side.  When they send the mockup, I may change my mind.  Usually grave markers are symmetrical.  If it looks odd to me with different emblems on each side, I will go with crosses on both sids.

I am going to go by Monday and tell them I want vases on each side.  I have to go by because I am not sure what vase I want so I can't just tell them on the phone.

They had a fund raiser for me an work and go $1100.  I am going to pay that on the stone so I will know where it went.

I actually like the grey stones better than the red, but the other family stones are red and I decided they needed to be more or less the same.  And the grey was less expensive, so I thought I was being chincy with a once in a lifetime purchase.  We have red.

We did not get a truck yesterday.  The one I liked George Jr. did not like.  The one George Jr. liked, I did not like.  I am going to give up on the truck by Christmas deadline so we can have time to find one that is just right.  It would be easier if it did not have to be a Ford F150.

Today, Hannah and I go to Fayetteville to spend her Birthday Money.  

And, Emmy is Miss Merry Christmas!!!!  I have no pictures, yet, because I did not go.  Greg took the kids.  Jr took  my camera so he may or may not have pictures.

Friday, December 08, 2017

EOWW, HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!

That is End Of Work Week.

So, Wednesday, we got a new washer....
And I love it. It is the largest capacity top loader I could find.  It holds a LOT of clothes.

I am going to teach Hannah and Robert to do their own washing.  They are NOT excited about that.

Today, when I get off at noon, I am going to the Alpena monument place and see about a grave marker. Tomorrow, I have to take Hannah to the mall in Fayetteville to spend the birthday money her Daddy gave her.

Then, I am looking for an older Ford F150.  I found one at Harrison, so latter I am going to call.  JR will go with me to look at it if they still have it.

Going to be a busy weekend, but I will be glad to get out of here.  We are in startup mode for the new place and sometimes it does not go as planned.  Today is better than yesterday anyway.

Sunday, November 26, 2017


I have been attempting to get back to walking daily with very limited success.  But, at least I did make it out for good walks Friday and Saturday morning, leaving the house before daylight and making the top of Meek Hill by sunup at 7 am.  Today, it is just 34 degrees, so I am going to try to walk this afternoon.  During the week, it is hard to get started in the evening, but maybe today will be better.  It is supposed to be in the upper 60's this afternoon.

Just before sunrise this am, I saw a dark spot down by the corner fence going to son's house.  I got the camera and say a young deer.

I went down by the goat pen and took several more pics.

Even after I turned the goats out, the two deer hung around in the road.

They did not leave the road for the other pasture until I came back to the house because of the cold.  Just now, I see two down in the valley next to Marr's.  Could be the same two, or not.

Today, I have plan on cleaning up the old laptop.  I need to get a lot of pictures off it.  It is so full of files that it bearly works.  I have cleaned the house, now I guess I will clean the machine.

Yesterday, I took the kids to the movies and stopped by Home Depot and bought a new washer.  They are going to bring it out and install it for free on Dec. 6.  I plan on start teaching the kids to do their own laundry.  They are not enthused, but it will be good for them.  Yesterday, I had Hannah help wash the dishes.  She was not happy, but she did it.  My job is to help these two kids learn to live in the world without me, one step at a time.  Robert says he is too big to sit on  my lap.