Sunday, May 20, 2018

Oh, Boy, thanks brother

Gilbert with some help from Greg, got the new floor down, the stool set and the vanity, top and faucet all completed today.  Next week end he comes back to put all new sheet rock on the walls and add the trim.  I have new towel rods and a pretty mirror but will need to get it painted before they are added.

He looks so nice.  Brother did a very professional job.

More stones

Yesterday, Helen and I put flowers on graves at Alpena and Gass.  She still has 3 more to make for the Maples stones. 

Patsy and Janet with the Angel.


Richard's new flowers will also be purple tones.


Over view with the babies on each side.





George's footstone.

Grandma's infant son.

Helen doing something weird, as usual.



Kinzer, Civil War Veteran. 

Overview showing the two infant boys.

From the other side.

My new vanity for the boy's bathroom with the new flooring standing beside it.  I have new flooring, new stool, new vanity and top with matching accessories.  Gilbert is going to be here today and tomorrow to redo all this. Greg and Helen are the helpers, I am the strawboss. It is going to be too pretty for a boy's bathroom.  He thinks he can have the floor down and the stool in today, and the vanity tomorrow.  I will paint it sometime next week and he can finish the trim next week end.

Then on to my bathroom.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Cemetery Duty

I went to the Cemetery...

And planted grass seed on George's grave.  Jr.   Said, We need to plant grass on Dad's grave.  He always loved grass.


Dad and Mom's flower holders, just waiting for Helen to finish the flowers.

Patsy's angel.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Pretty flowers from JR

They were so pretty, I was inspired to clear the counter of all the junk so they could shine.

He also sent the 3 little plants on the left.  Helen gave me the three on the right a while back.  They needed a light source, so I brought out the extra touch light from my bedroom.  I only used the one light on my side of the bed.  It looks really pretty here.

Then I got an idea to put the boot with flowers that I could not find a good space for here in front.  It all looks very pretty.

Here is a closer look at just the flowers.  On the left is son's and on the right are the three I already had. I got the idea for this from a flea market in Harrison. I bought the containers at flea markets and Helen bought the flowers somewhere. I am going to get some colored pebbles from the $ store to place around the plants.  

Oh, boy, no work to day and spring is here.  I plan on shopping for a window air for the living room this week end.  I am go to Lowe's today, or maybe just Harrison.  Happy day.

Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Oh Woe is me...

Last night my bedroom TV.  I knew it was getting long in the tooth, but then so am I.  At work today, I was wondering just how old it was, so I searched this blog and came up with this post when we bought it
dated May 10, 2008.  Helen says that was 10 years ago, but not really.  It will not be 10 years ago until tomorrow.

But that is not the woe is me part.  Since I was on the blog, I decided to log in and make a post.  Google did not like the computer I was logging from and blocked me.  Now the phone I use for security back up on google is the one I gave to Hannah, so I never have it with me away from.  This is the second time Google has done this  in the last month, for the same reason.  Nothing would have it but I change my password, for the second time in a month.  A password that until last month, I had used for 12 years without incident.  Beside, I do not have anything at Google that is worth stealing.  I do not use it for paying anything, and I do not have any google stuff that I pay for, so if someone got my password they would not get anything worthwhile to them.  Now, I have a totally unprintable password that will be easy to remember.

This is the TV I am going to have to replace.

This is the kids bird.  For the summer, we have put the cage on the deck and opened the door.  He has been free for about a week now.  He comes back to feed and drink and then is off in the wild blue yonder again. 

Tonight is Church night.  We are having a graduation party for our 2 seniors.  Maybe the kids will get to play outside instead of listen to a sermon since it is so nice today.  My truck said 91 at 2 pm.