Thursday, March 21, 2019

Kids are home, who let the goats out

Earnhardt had become such a nuisance Greg locked him up in the billy pen about a month ago.  He had calmed down a lot, so I turned him back out with the herd today.  He has behaved himself so far.  I would like to get the big females bred in the next couple of months, so I hope we can leave him out.

The kids had a wonderful time out west.  Hannah wants to go live out there.  She loves the heat.  

And about the billy goat.  My back door is not latching right again.  I try to remember to set the deadbolt when I leave because if I do not, sometimes the kids dog pushes the door open.  Then when I come home it is standing wide open.  When I left for the airport today, I forgot to put on the deadbolt. But then I thought, if Ginger pushes the door open with Earnhardt running loose, he will be in my living room when I get home.  I went back and latched the deadbolt.

Back to work tomorrow and then off for the week end.

We are hoping everything goes good with Erin. So far so good.  Hopefully baby will wait a few more weeks.  Love and prayers. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2019


I was looking for something a few days ago that I did not find, but I did find a pack of old photos that I looked at.  I decided to take a pic of a pic with the camera.

This says August 62,  These are at least some of the cows Daddy sold in the sale.  I do not remember ever seeing this picture.  It was in with Patsy's pictures,

These say 54-55 and 55-56,  I have always said I stared school in 1954,  This is my second and third grad pictures, so I started school in 1953,

This is Daddy and Grandpa Gaddy.  The back says 1943,  I think I remember Mama saying this was taken at the Springfield Zoo right before Daddy went in the Navy.  But then I thought I started school in 1953.  Does Daddy look like anyone we know?

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Gorgeous day, 64 and sunny

I bought these boots on clearance for wearing in the goat pen.  They are just cheap boots, but they have a good gripping sole with a solid heal and sippers up the side, which makes them slip ons.

The kids are having a great time in the sunny west.  Tomorrow is their last day.  The fly back on Thursday.  I have enjoyed having time to do whatever, but I will be glad when they get back.  I hope they have lots of stories.

I have a story.  Yesterday on the way home from work, I thought my truck was overheating.  But it was just that I had never paid attention to the heat gauge except on really cold mornings.  Greg ran it on idle for 30 minutes and said it was fine.  I had told Tonya to send Junior up when he got home, but went on to bed and did not wait for him.  I told Greg to tell Jr I was just crazy.  Greg said he would believe it.  Now, that was not nice.

I am really pleased with my new computer.  It was fast and pretty.

Sunday, March 17, 2019



  1. happening by accident or chance rather than design.
    "the similarity between the paintings may not be simply fortuitous"

It is fortuitous that I have most all my 'stuff' set up on my new computer, email, web pages, banking, dropbox  and the other things that I really need to make the new computer work for me.  And then, this am, I looked at the last updates for our genealogy web sites on the old laptop, plus on the 1T backup drive Sister Helen so generously gifted me.  I think the genealogy files on the back up are as current as I have.  Then, as I will looking around on the backup drive, the old laptop went black. It has many problems that make it hard to use, but the most ominous, that I cannot handle by myself is a reoccurring short  between the screen and the computer. It has done this before and eventually, as I peck around on the keyboard and the screen it will come alive.  Even if it never comes back, I have now copied most of what I want from the backup to the new computer, and if I missed anything I want, it will be on the backup to get later.

I even copied all my music over.  Since I pay for the net by the gallon, I do not stream music from the web. And, I have copies of all the grave marker pics I took in Carroll County. I have several full cemetery photos that are no long available on the net since our Carroll County site disappeared for the second time last fall.  I am trying to get Ancestry to restore it again, but am not optimistic.  I have a site at rootsweb that I can use.  I just have to rebuild the site.  That is really the main reason I wanted a new computer.  I am well please with my fortuitous decision and timing.

And, I have all my old pictures, plus both phone camera pictures.  This am I took a few pics of the goats with my new camera and when I inserted the card it had only the new pictures ready for transfer in a few seconds.  A big improvement over what I had.

These were taken with the new camera I bought for the Japan trip.  It takes good photos, but does not have an eye piece viewer.  I cannot see the display screen on the camera in the sunlight because my glasses darken so much.  It is literally a point and shoot in my hands outside. 

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Baby Jones Shower

Was this morning.  Erin got lots of nice stuff.  And, we had lots of good food provided by the Church Ladies.

Friday, March 15, 2019

New Computer

It is a it is a really spiffy HP Envoy with a really big hard drive and lots of bells.  Besides, it looks really petty, all silver and shinny.

And it has a camera that already has a picture of a beautiful goat lady.'