Monday, May 25, 2020

Memorial Walkway

This is the walkway Greg has been building for me.  I have to get more cement so he can finish the middle. 

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Memorial Bushes

On the right is a crepe myrtle, on the left is a smoke bush. They both maintain their purple hues leaves throughout the summer.  I planted lots of seeds of cosmos and zinnas in the bed. There is a large stump under the dust that makes this impossible to mow. BG, before goats, I had plants here so I am trying again.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Denver Cemetery today

I stopp
 By the Denver Cemetery today. Vinita was there placing flowers. I was looking fit Martha Jane Gaddy's grave marker but did not find it. I guess I need to see if that is where she is burried.  I may have been looking in the wrong cemetery.  I bet Sister Betty knows.


Yesterday, Erin and her children came to Aunt Helen's to try their luck with their metal detectors in her yard.  They made a good haul. Greta really enjoys the hunt. Clayton really enjoys the find when the find is money. Ada seems to enjoy everything. She was all smiles the whole visit. We enjoyed the company.

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