Sunday, March 01, 2015

Church snow day...

Helen, we do not have Church at our Little Coin Church when snow is forecast, imagine, or hinted at, let alone when when have 3 inches with a topping of ice at 31 degrees.

Going out like a lion along the white dirt road...

Marching Eastward...

February has slowed my march, but we must solder on.  I logged a total of 89 miles in February, 11 miles short of my goal of 100 miles.  In February, I logged zero miles for 10 days, while in January it was only  7 days, and in December 11 days.  I have logged 194 miles since January 1, and I am now just past the snowy city of Rolla.  I searched google for a picture of the snow in Rolla, but all I found was pictures of he massive crash in I44, so I will just go with my own snow pictures from yesterday.

I walked 7 miles the morning of the last day of February.  I started out about 9:30 without my camera because the battery was dead.  I walked to Dan's gate, bemoaning no camera, then returned and got the big camera.  I just enjoy walking with the camera so much more than no camera walks.

We got about 3 inches all together, and then some freezing rain.  The net says we have freezing rain now, but I do not see anything falling.  My thermometer stands  at 31 degrees.

George took us to the store about 2 pm yesterday, so we have plenty of food.  We all went and we planned on feeding kids at Sonic, but Sonic had a snow day.  I made burgers and fries, but Hannah was not impressed.

Then, at 5 pm I walked up to see about Helen's house, which was warm and cozy with running water in all the right places, and walked on out the road for a mile, making yesterday's total 9 miles, the week's total 22 miles, and the month's total 89 miles.

I am supposed to go for my checkup tomorrow, snow permitting, where I will see if the walking is helping with the numbers.

Pictures to follow.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Still cold, still snow

It is still 19 degrees this am.  We got about and inch or two or snow and it is supposed to start again this afternoon with more accumulation.

This is one of the little nannies.  I think the nannies are all bred because I have not seen any sign of any of them coming in heat in the last month.

We feed them cattle cubes.  They would rather have just corn, but cubes feed better.

Still snow this am.  I have 4 books to read and made chicken and  noodle last night so I am ready to go.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Blowing snow and 19 degrees...

It was 11 this morning.  I don't think we broke 20 today.  Supposed to snow all night and some tomorrow then rain and warm up Sunday afternoon.  The weather says Tuesday the high will be 63 and Wednesday's high will be 32.  If we live through next week, weatherman says better weather is on the way.

Helen, the library says your books are ready for you.  Forwarded you and email.  Checked the house and it is fine.

Tried to feed the horse, but he would not fight off the goats.  May try again tomorrow or maybe not.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

I'll Fly Away, or not...

Two young eaglets in a dead tree in J. R.'s field between Dan's and Newberry's yesterday morning around 11 am as we were going grocery hunting.  They were wet and there was still ice on the trees, so they looked cold to me.

Two young eaglets, I am sure the same two, yesterday afternoon around 4 in a tree in J. R.'s field across the road from his house.  Not so wet and not nearly as good out.

An adult close to the young ones in another tree.  I don't know if there is any relation to the between the adult pair we have been seeing in these trees and the teenagers.  Eagles do not hatch around here, and I do not know if they migrate with their parents.

Looking for something to eat.

But finding only an old tough bird with a camera.

These three, a mama and two babies were on the rise just this side of Newberry's.  About where we saw the eaglets in the morning.

They ran across the first hill and stopped here on the next one.  There was enough coverage between me and them that they did not think I could see them.

They stood like this for several minutes.

Looking everywhich way.  Dogs barking, trucks groaning.

:Looking back towards Newberry's.

And Terry's truck.