Thursday, February 08, 2018


That is what I blog about, whatever.  Betty was blogging about  gibbidly gook today, or crocheting, as she said it.  Sounded like science fiction to me.

Here are some pics from Hannah's phone.  They were out of school yesterday for icy roads but are back to the grind today.

This evening we are going to Kenny's visitation and tomorrow afternoon the funeral.  JR is going to visiting with us so we will have to wait till he gets home around 6 or 7.  I bought an arrangement from all of us.  It is not a funeral type but a take home silk arrangement.  Helen is making cinnamon rolls to take to the family right now.

Today and tomorrow are supposed to be nice with another round of yuck for the weekend.  I am so ready for nice weather.

Thursday, February 01, 2018

New Babies

Just in time for George's birthday.

From Red and her last year daughter.  Two billies.

And one nannie named Georgie Girl.

They are all good looking kids.  Strong and healthy.

Earnhardt did a good job.  We should have many more in the next few days.

A melancholy day.

We love and miss you George. 

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

My Tree

is back.  Rootsweb world connect trees are back online.  Mine is here
When I want my rootsweb tree and do not have a link, I search the database for Fleta Powell.  This never fails to bring up a very short list.  I think there are about a half dozen different Fleta Powell's in their database.  I counted but do not remember the exact number.  There notice says we will regain access to updating our trees eventually.  I was sure this would come back online.  However, their new notice makes me fearful that our freepages and carroll county webpages may not make the cut.  They did say, if these are not restored, we will be allowed to retrieve our data.  I do not even know what all I have online for our family website and our county historical website. Here is a copy of what they wrote that made me think restoring the hosted websites may be in doubt.  I am thinking a large part of their hesitancy stems from the lack of real data on the majority of these websites.  That is not the case with ours, but they are going to judge this as a whole, not our fraction.  Still I hope for full recovery.

I’ve heard not everything is coming back online, is that true? We will be returning WorldConnect and Mailing Lists back to their full functionality. Other features are still being evaluated. In cases where we are unable to bring back previous functionality or content, we will explore ways for people who uploaded data to retrieve it if we don’t feel we can put it back online safely.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Aday Farm

JR has rented out Helen's pasture to someone who's name is unknown to me.  We now had several pretty cow/cafe pairs in the field.  They brought them over Sunday.  Hopefully they will help the pond.  It looks worse every year.

Robert spotted a whole herd of deer down on our hillside.  It has been a couple of years since we have seen this many at one time.