Saturday, October 06, 2018


Helen and I put new flowers on the graves this week.  Junior wanted a saddle on George's stone.  They all look much better now.

I did not have enough flowers to re-do Debbie's grave, so at first I just took all the big white flowers from the others and put them in her vase.

With the vases on all the stones, it does not cost nearly as much to decorate all 3 graves.  But, Junior wanted a saddle on his Dad's stone.

So I went to the $ store at Alpena and got her new flowers.  It looks much better now.

Today, I am taking the kids down on the Buffalo and we are going for a little hike.  And maybe a picnic.  My knees still give me trouble, so we will limit it to 4 miles or less.  Hopefully, less.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Catching up

I need to get back into posting. This is my go to memory bank. The pic above is the old stone well house early yesterday morning in the fog.  I walked to the blue gate, starting before daylight.  Then, we went to Branson and got the oil changed on the truck.  I took the kids to eat a IHOP because Robert loves pancakes.

Today, we all just lazed around all day, doing nothing constructive.

A couple of weeks ago, I took the kids to Silver Dollar City for Robert's birthday.  They had a good time and I survived.  Actually, I bought a couple of Christmas presents and a painting of a goat.

The first of the month, we sold a bunch of goats.  Almost half the herd.  We sold all the little billies, 1 little nanny, 2 yearling nannies and 2 older nannies.  All together they brought almost $1500.  About half of that is pure profit over our expenses for the year, so that was not too bad.  This is the first time I  have sold so many at one time.  Usually, we would sell 2 or 3 times a year, but just once this year.

Now we have 16 nannies and Earnhardt.  But, I am giving one of the little red nannies to Linda T. so we will just have 16 total after that.

It is still pretty warm.  I turned the air on tonight.  I made the house hot baking Robert a pumpkin pie.  Tomorrow it will be October.  Time for fall weather.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Tony Poor

He said, "When family calls, you go"

A letter Mama wrote to Helen.

Is this Tony or Kelly?

This is Toon.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Goats and more goats

I have 29 goats which is way more than I need or even want, but just the same, l need the ones I keep to have babies.  I let Earnhardt run with the herd for a month in June and july, but saw no sign any of the females were in heat.  I have hoped that I just was not paying attention.  Well, now I see define signs that Red and Big White are in heat.  I penned each up with big bill.  In about 150 days from August 24/25 we should be getting a me new little earnhardts.

Tony is in hospital in Fayetteville. He will have heart surgery Monday to replace 2 defective valves.  We are going to see him today.  

School os gong well.  County fair is next week.

Greg is still out east, in Erie, Pennsylvania this week.  He has been moving to a new job site every 3 or 4 days.  He seems to like the job better than the power plant work.

That's all the news that is news, today.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

This week's movers

Me and Earnhardt.  Monday, 8/13, I moved across the street at work to the new plant.  My job is still the same, but different.  I still have the same duties for both plants, but the old plant now has a new/old person in charge, Lisa that was my boss 5 years ago is back.  For me not much has changed, but I do not expect this will all go smoothly. Fireworks are likely.

And the billy has learned he can open the gate to his pen when we are careless in latching it. Now, we have to remember to wrap the chain around the post or he pushes it open.

Tony is in the hospital and not doing too well.  Helen stayed with him last night, jic he need anything.

The kids started school.monday.  They both are adjusting to the new school.  I was worried robert would have adjustment problems, but he has done just fine.  Hannah stayed with her friend up the road last night. They have 5 classes together.  That may get them in talking trouble.  But, so far all is well.

Today is church day.  But first walk day.  I have not been walking as much but try to go 3 miles on Saturday and sunday. Yesterday I did not do that.  One good thing about my new work space is that it is a half mile round trip between the two offices.  That is a good thing.

Hope Tony had a good night.

Thursday, August 09, 2018


Has been under the weather.  Saturday, Aug 4, he was limping. By Sunday, he was carrying his back left leg.  I felt of it and found the foot was very sore.  Sister and I searched on the net and decided he had foot rot infection.  She shot him with penicillin sunday and monday. He was better sunday and was barely giving on that leg yesterday. Steve from work came out yesterday and shot him with a200, a more powerful antibiotic and trimmed his feet.  He is much improved today.  So much so that I am thinking now he just stepped on something and hurt the foot. We will have him a year Aug 27. He is a fine Billy and I would hate to loose him.

Today, I am off work going to Pam 's funeral. Then sister and I are setting up food for the family at her sisters house. Gotta go get started.