Thursday, July 02, 2015

590 miles, 410 to go

to make 1000 for the year.  AND, I walked 2 miles on the walker here last night, so now it is 592.  I am about 30 miles or so from Louisville KY, I think.  I looked it up, but now not sure.

First Night

In Santa Rosa, NM at a Comfort Inn.  Had a great first day.  Lots of trucks, trains and oversized loads.  Nice pool at the Inn that I could see from my window.  Now almost 8 am and getting ready to go on.

DURANGO or BUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Flash Bang

Uncle George had fireworks last Sunday so our boy could be part of it. Both sons have always loved fireworks, and both grandsons are following.  Robert was just filled with joy watching things explode in the sky.

We are leaving for Durango today.  Emmy is going with us, so George told her to be here by 6.  I am the only one awake at 5.  George was up late, so I may not wake anyone until she gets here.

Helen thinks it will be a fun trip with 3 kids in the back.  I think it will be OK.  Greg bought the kids a portable DVD player so they can watch movies and they have their IP and tablet.  We will see.

I walked 6 miles yesterday, making for 490 miles this year.  That is only 10 miles short of the goal of 100 MPM, but the next two weeks will probably be short on walking time.

Tonight, we should  be somewhere in the Texas panhandle.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I think

Helen has blown up our home.

Greg bought a butane weed torch much like this.  Other son took it up to Helen and showed her how to fire it up.  She just absolutely loves it.  Yesterday she said, “If you spray diesel on the weeds first, it works much better.”

She will not answer phone, email, or text.  House is gone, Helen to follow…


Sunday, June 21, 2015

I Walk...

At 12:15, after Church, I started out here,  going west.

At the turn at the Davis house, I took the right turn. One night last week, after VBS, me and Helen Geed here, when we should have Hawed.  The creek was up, so we has to take the long way around.  It was dark and I made the wrong turn here. 

Left goes up by the old Pete Bell home, right goes down the old railroad track all the way to Maples Cut on the Alpena Denver road.

Brush and trees have overgrown the road, making it a narrow path.

Dark and dreary at 9 at night.

It leads to this little stream, the same stream that runs between the Church and Preacher's house.  Last Wednesday it was roaring.  We  had to back about 1 mile back down this lane in the dark and rain with brush sticking in the windows to the Davis house.  I was not doing too well, because I am not a good backer even in daylight.  Helen took over and got us back down the road.  It probably too almost 30 minutes to go that mile.

On across the creek is more shady lane.

Here the creek runs right beside the road.

And here is another even smaller stream, with a lane leading off to the right.

Up to this old house.  Notice the stars and stripes.

And a barn across the creek.

Same barn.

Same barn.

In the middle is the Pat Maybe house at Maples Cut.  A famous little tarpappered house used to sit here.

The Tuck Bell home back to the right, but I am off to the left down the Alpena Denver Road.

A barn by the Maybe house.

The turn off at Sunny Lane off to the left in the distance.  Sunny Lane school house burned years ago.

Ebb  Smith's old barn.

Grandpa Powell's house in the distance, or I guess that is the barn.

Smith barn again.

Me and Grandpa's place.

Off to the right in the middle at the side of the road, is the log Helen had to move out of the road on her 16 mile trip to clean the church last week.

Helen's house in the distance.

The cavalry to the rescue, at the top of Morris Hill, almost 3 hours after I started out, about 6 miles back down the road.

Friday, June 19, 2015