Saturday, April 08, 2017

More Dog House pictures

I bought bedding and pretty towels yesterday.  We are really please with it so far.

The table made into a bed here.

Two TV's from Helen.

The cross I bought yesterday.

The front side where the door is.


Starvin' Marvin

That's his name.  Born early in the AM, April 7.  He had a sister, but she did not make it.  Mama is Seven, just one year old, out of Big White.  He was not eating very well, so last night I held Mama and Sister milked her out.  He ate good out of the bottle.  This morning around 5, I tried to feed him again, but I think he had already eaten.  His belly felt full.  He still seems a little 'off'', but I think he has eaten again since since then.  We will see how it goes.

Friday, April 07, 2017

Oco Dog, for Helen and VBS

Helen found these hot dog octopus online and wanted to make them for VBS.  Our theme has to do with Sailing. 

To make these cute eyes, use cottage cheese and black olives. They used cheese for the mouth, but I saw some with a line of regular mustard that were cuter and would be easier.

I vote for mustard mouth and cheese and black olive eyes.

And, when posting from work, I keep selecting the wrong blog.  Hence, deleted post to our 3 Sister Family History blog.


This is the design for VBS ID cards.  Kids or a helper will write in the name with a marker.  Then I will laminate the card.  They can even color in the anchor if they want.  I will print them on brightly colored card stock.  We will punch a hole in the corner and attach them to clothes with a safety pin.  Helen sez we will also loop ribbon through the hole for decoration.

It's all good.

Inside story,

Kids had their dinner in their new home on wheels.  Robert says he does not like it,  he LOVES it.

We have found the furnace works, the cook stove works, the Fridge works [came on and started cooling], AC probably works [came on and started blowing cool air but it was cool enough outside it was hard to tell if it really cooled].  Have not tried the water yet. George has to do some adjusting on our electric RV hookup and get a reducer for the water line before we can just hook it up at home to try everything out.  I am pleased with it all.  It looks really nice and so far everything we tried has worked. Oh, and, I went to the revenue office and got it in our names with a tag to take it down the road.

It's all good.

Thursday, April 06, 2017