Thursday, March 20, 2014

Almost Friday...

And a really beautiful day.

Kids playing in the dirt with one of the yellow machines. Yesterday and the day before, they played in the mud and got it all over their shoes and clothes. I was a bit harsh about it on the second day. Hopefully, it will not happen again. At least for a while.

The snow did not damage the yellow blooms as much as I thought it would. I got 7 eggs again today. I will not have to lock them in every night now, but I may still lock them up sometimes, just to keep them laying in the house. The goats stayed in the pasture all day today. I guess it helps to have all the gates closed.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Camel Day...

I picked the kids up at school today and we went to Patsy's. Sam had trucks for the boy and Pat  had treasures for the girl.

The boy really, really loved the trucks, especially the crane.

The girl is listening to a music  CD.  She also liked the picture CD that I made almost 10 years ago.  If I still have it, I would not know where it is, but now, thanks to Patsy girl has it.

I locked the goats in the pasture yesterday.  I would like for them to stay in the pasture now, mostly to keep them from the flowers and garden.  Tonight I walked up to brothers and commented to him they had stayed fenced in all day.

Then, as I walked back down, there were many white spots on our side of the road.

Even Little Red.

Maybe this open gate was the avenue of escape.  I forgot about them using this one to move the cows.  Later they went back in and I shut this one also.  We will see how it goes.  They have plenty to eat on that side now.

I was not getting many eggs, so for three days I have been locking the chickens in the house at night.  Yesterday, George got 7 eggs, but I forgot to lock them in last night.  I got 7 eggs again today, but I locked them in tonight anyway.

When we were at Patsy's, Kelly was building her a new front porch.  It looked nice.  I hope he goes back tomorrow and finishes it, because it did not have any steps.  Still, it looked much better and really solid.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Patsy...

Patsy will be one year old tomorrow. I hope it is a bright and sunny day.

Her brother, Hot Rod, will also be one year old. We plan on selling him and all the males sometime in the next month.

This is Big White, daughter Patsy, Patsy's daughter Holly, and Big White's daughter Molly. The little girls will be 3 month's old next week.

Mamma Grey is dragging the snow today. I think she will be the next one to have babies, probably before the end of April.

If there is school tomorrow, I bet George has to take the kids.  We have about 6 inches of snow in places.  They may not  have school again.  We will see.

About the end...

It has about quit snowing.  George went to town.  He said there was a little in places on the road and it had started to stick on the hill. If it quits now, the roads will be fine tomorrow, but, he will probably have to haul the kids to school.

I hope we don't have snow clear up through Patsy's birthday like last year.

So much for Spring...

Last night around 9 pm, the goats were lounging around here, instead of going to the barn.

Then, around 10 or so it started pouring rain.  Since about 10 this morning, it has been snowing, hard.  My thermometer says 35 degrees.  It is melting on the ground, but we have a couple of inches on the cars, deck and such. 

I have only been getting a couple of eggs a day, and sometimes none, so for two days I have locked the chickens in the house at night.  Yesterday at 3 pm, I had 5 pretty brown eggs so I let them out.  When I went out there at noon yesterday, they were all clamoring to get out.  Today, at one I went to feed them and got 3 eggs.  They were content to stay put today.

We had hundreds of robins in the yard.

So, it must be Spring, right?