Saturday, August 05, 2017

Camping at Lake Casitas, in the mountains by Ventura

Santa Barbara

Camping near Taft

Hills with ruffles.

George's home town.

He said at one time they live in a house where this vacant lot is now.

And, I think this house.  I think this is the one he said caught fire when they live there.

At the lake at camp.

George working on the RV.  With the help of his friend Richard's tools he got it all fixed.

Hannah/s rabbit.

By the way, several of George's friends showed up at the funeral.  There were two local old friends there that others had notified of the service, but George had 4 or 5 people he contacted that came to the cemetery that day.  It is small town like home. There were two funerals at the same time.  Someone looking for the other funeral stopped and they knew George.