Saturday, October 24, 2015

On the road again

Yesterday, was go home early day, so I walked over to the junction just past our Coin Church, picking up trash all the way.  I got 5 or 6 bags stowed along the way that I need to go back and haul away.  Some, I hung up along the way for decorations and with on sister in waiting next door, they will hang around until after Christmas.

Today, Hannah and I are going to the mall in Springfield to look for me a good comfortable pair of work shoes.  I bought a pair last weekend, but took them back as the insole was not aligned correctly in one of the shoes.  They were sketcher loafers and very comfortable, so I am going to look for sketchers.  I was just going to Branson, but Hannah loves the mall and they have a huge shoe store and a JC Penneys.  I like Penneys women's and girls clothes, so we may get some new clothes also.

We got a little rain yesterday.  Greg got rained out at work, so he picked up the  kids at school.  They always love that.  This is what it looked like coming home from my 7 mile [round trip]  walk about 3:30 yesterday, but we did not get any more falling stuff.

This is what it looked like just before sunset in our fields.  George has brush hogged all our fields and they look just beautiful.  He brush hogs the pasture like he mows the yard, going over it again and again until it is smooth and clean.

Off to walk before our shopping trip.  I have 996 miles and will have 1000 when I get back here in a couple of hours.  I am now on the Jeb Stuart Highway near Patrick Springs, Virginia in Patrick County.

Did you hear that hurricane Pat was the most powerful ever?  I think it is really Patsy.