Sunday, May 20, 2007

Popup revisited

All the sisters have now tried my Windows Popup eraser. Betty is trusting, she just did what I said and was glad it worked. Patsy is cautious, or in Ozark terms leery. She did it, but warned me if her computer failed I would have to make a house call. But Helen was the funny one. She said she did it but she confused the popup image in my blog message for a real popup and was trying to click to make it go away. I thought she was just making this up to be funny.

Well, when I took the furry tailed bird pictures, I was scrolling thourgh my pictures to find the best one to post, and suddenly here was a popup warning me of mixed content. I looked at the top of the screen to make sure I was on my drive and not at an online site. I had never seen this popup except online before. And, no matter where on the screen I clicked I could not make it go away. I thought my computer was locked up, so I proceeded to try to close out everything so I could restart it. Then I decided to try one more time with the pictures to see what was wrong. This time when I came across the dreaded popup, I realized it was my image of the popup I had save for posting to the blog. So, Patsy, if you steal my popup image, like you do some of the other pictures we post, don't call me when clicking on OK will not make it go away...