Friday, January 30, 2015

Thursday, January 29, 2015


miles in January.  It was almost 70 here today.  I walked in just my vest, no hat, jacket or gloves.  It was gorgeous.

George and Greg took advantage of the nice weather this week and started working on the goat barn across the road.  They have got the 4 corner posts up and the roof put on today. 

It is about 12 by 12.  They are going to start on the sides today.  This is the old hog shed that George brought up from Frank's.  Floyd built the original, so it is a bit old.

Supposed to be another beautiful day today.  

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tomorrow is Camel Day

Not bactrain, but domedary, or one hump camel.   Kapish, Helen?

I did not walk tonight as I went grocery shopping after I got off work, but I  walked my 4 miles last night, logging 96 miles this year, so far.  I will make it over 100, easy.

I have been exploring Dry Creek on google earth.  I can thank Betty for getting me into Google Earth.  I have used it for somethings before, but never thought of just going exploring with it until I read the book she recommended about the young man from India that searched all over India for his home  town with Google Earth.  It was such and interesting story and a new idea for me.  Yesterday, I explored Dry Creek while I was supposed to be working.  Did you know that the head of Dry Creek is between the building where I work and highway 62? Me neither. It starts right there in town.  And, the creek over by Kenny Somthers is really Dry Creek just like I thought.  Past where  I walked from here Saturday, it twists and turns back northwest to the old Charlie Shaw place and that is where Callen's Branch joins Dry Creek.  The little creek that runs by the Mathis place, and I do not know who used to live there, but anyway, that is Callen's Branch.  I thought I might walk that part Saturday, but it is not going to be very good weather Saturday.  I will wait a while.

Today I looked for Rex and Jack Robertson on the 1940 census.  Their parents were Fred and Essie Robertson.  Fred, Essie, and son Jack are living next to Rex and Elveta in Coin twp in 1940.  I bet Jack Robertson got his father's place, right here across the Rock Quarry,  when Fred died in 1942.

Helen, just see what you can learn from your sister.  All about camels, creeks and dead people.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Walk down Dry Creek

From the creek at the line between Floyd's place and Combs' place to the slab at the back of Billy Joe's place.

A tree on the ridge between that old house and the creek.  In the distance to the left is about Grandpa Powell's place, as best I can tell.

The creek.  Mostly, I walked on David's side of the creek.  The other side was bluff until I got past Morris and Grandpa Powell's place.  Sometimes I walked at the edge of the bottom  land instead of in the creek.

This is just a few hundred yards after I got to the creek.  I have on my boots and a back pack with some food and water.  I only ate part of a sandwich and an orange and drank  a little water.  By the time I got to the end, I was hungry but decided to wait and have something at home besides peanut butter and jelly, if I could just get a taxi home.

I am going to fix my timer so it will go more than 10 secs. I am too old for 10 secs.

The creek looked mostly like  this.

The old Robertson house from the  creek.  I could see this, David's house, the water tower by Peden's, and finally Peden's place many places along the creek.  It was usually pretty easy to tell where I was.


Still Combs place here.

That is Brenda Combs' place.  It is less than a quarter mile from the creek.  David owns the land on the other side, our side, of the creek here.


Deer running from me.  There were 4 or 5 of them and one was a big buck with a rack.

On and on and on went the creek, long after I thought I should be coming to a road.

Turn after turn.

Here, I know where I am and the road runs in front of this house.  You can't really see the road in the pic, but I could see it.

After a turn I am at this bluff, going back west towards that house in the last pic.

I am thinking surely the creek connects with that road around here, but it just keeps going and going and going.

Here, I decide to walk out in the bottom land...

and cut across the field to the road.

On the road, going back towards the creek, away from home.

Here is the slab across Dry Creek.  The first road that crosses the creek between us and almost Denver.

The water is sluggish here and the view both  up and down the creek is unremarkable.  After getting back on the road towards home I  call for a ride.  They are all outside so it is about 10 minutes before they call me back. George says he will come pick me up.

A lot of bull.

A coyote crossing the field.

The house where Helen picked me up in the distance.  Around the bend and up that hill is Peden's place.  I am about 3.5 miles from home by the road when I get to that house.  I walked 5 miles by the time I got home.  Helen fed me a really good ham sandwich and another orange for desert.  I was glad I did not have to walk up that hill. 

I think I will try this again in the spring, when things are in bloom.  Next, I am walking down Callen's Branch from the bottom of the big red hill to Smother's crossing and maybe on to Billy Joe's, or maybe not.