Thursday, January 29, 2015


miles in January.  It was almost 70 here today.  I walked in just my vest, no hat, jacket or gloves.  It was gorgeous.

George and Greg took advantage of the nice weather this week and started working on the goat barn across the road.  They have got the 4 corner posts up and the roof put on today. 

It is about 12 by 12.  They are going to start on the sides today.  This is the old hog shed that George brought up from Frank's.  Floyd built the original, so it is a bit old.

Supposed to be another beautiful day today.  


The 4th Sister said...

The shed looks good there

Sister--Three said...

Shed by floyd! How neat.

Winnie Sneed said...

Mike and I are on the first leg of our trip....we are in St.Louis for tonight and Friday night

Sister--Three said...

Winnie, hope you and mIke make it home safe. Sorry the cold arrived too!