Saturday, May 10, 2008

Things I brought home from the neighbor's

Things I saw at the neighbors on my walk this evening


Storms all around tonight. At 8 pm looks like it may be clearing up over us.

Weeds or Food

Daddy and Debbie used to pick greens along side the road in the spring to cook with the poke. Daddy taught Debbie which ones you could eat. I remember lambs quarter but cannot remember what other greens they gathered. Is this weed to eat or not? Debbie called them all weeds.

How things work, or don't

I want things to work the way I want them to work. We, just today, bought a new TV for the living room. When we changed the satellite last month, I got 3 boxes, one for the LR, one for our Bedroom and one for the Grandkids room. I had Greg's TV in the Grandkids room, but it went off to Texas, so I was needing a TV for them. The last time they were here they got into a big fight over the TV in my room. The one in the LR belongs to Grandpa. I had a thing from Best Buy for 10% off with 18 months at 0% interest along with $15 in coupons. We paid around $600 for a nice 37" LCD flat panel and added $99 for a 4 year in home warranty. I did not thing that was bad.

The real problem is, this TV has the very same programs as the old one. I was hoping for better shows.

If you want to know what I mean, just call the number displayed. It will take you to bigger and better things, at least if you are man.

But, the part that did not work was the remote. I hate to have to use two remotes, one for the satellite and one for the TV. Our satellite remove is supposed to be programmable to any TV, but the TV we got was an off brand (Insignia) and was not listed on my satellite's list of codes.

So, back to the computer and google. I typed Insigna TV in the search box, up popped did you mean Insignia TV, which I did. Try this and you will see on the first page of the Google search is one concerning Direct TV codes for the Insignia. By following that lead, I found that the code for my new Insignia TV and Direct TV was 10463.

I also found several references on the first page of the Google search about the Insignia TV not working. Seems one day the TV just refused to power on for more than one person. I am not worried. I have a $99, 4 year, in home warranty that should take care of that.

Now call that number. Maybe you will get a bigger TV.


I went to Alpena last Sunday and again yesterday after work to clean the dead flowers from Richard's grave to spare his children this chore, but even after a week, they still looked good. I will try again the middle of the week and see how they look. I was amazed that the live flowers still had not wilted to any extent after a week.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

He'll huff and puff

Clayton blew the limb off his tree. Probably talking too much.

Today, George cut it up and burned it along with some other wood we had cleaned up around the place Sunday.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sunday May 4th, 2008

View from my window at 6:30 am...


We celebrated 70 years with Patsy yesterday. We had some good laughs. Richard would have enjoyed it if he could have been there. We told stories on everyone who was not there and some that were there, and some that are never there no matter where they are...