Saturday, July 27, 2013


Clean house day.

We have been seeing a few deer just in the last week.  Before that, we hardly have seen any for the last month.  These two were on the salt block.

Goat proof dogwood tree. George dug up this dogwood a couple of years ago and planted it where the purple plumb used to be.  Last winter the goats almost killed it, then someone on the 4 wheeler broke off the main branch last month.  Then, last week the goats ate almost every leaf off it.  Greg fixed this with chicken wire I already  had.  I think it is goat proof.

I cleaned house for about 3 hours this morning.  I usually clean the kitchen and bath and mop all the floors either on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning, but for the last couple of weeks I just cleaned a little here and there through the week.  I like to clean all at once because when you get it done, everything looks good.  Sometimes Hannah wants to help when I clean, but today her and Robert played trucks on his bed while I was cleaning.

Betty wants to see a picture of the girls haircut.  It does not look much different than it did, but is more even in the back.  I will take a picture tomorrow.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Bringing in the goats...

Hannah riding the wheeler and Rob chasing along.  It was a big deal because they only get to ride by themselves in the front yard and around the garden.

Going back to get the one she missed, Mama Bertha.

All back in.

And, brother got to do donuts in the drive.

We only hatched 2 chicks, but we have lots of chickens.  One has been laying her egg here on the back porch behind the yard tools.

Hannah and I had a big day.  We both got our hair cut, well, just a little trim to get the frizzy ends off.  Then we took tomatoes to Aunt Patsy.  Hannah got a red headed angel on this visit.  Then, we came home and together baked ad angel cake, made spaghetti and meat balls, homemade yeast rolls and a small cinnamon ring, plus strawberry jello.  It was all really good.

Today was really cool, in the mid sixties this afternoon and rainy all day.  The weekend is supposed to be wonderful with highs in the eighties.  This weather is just amazing.  

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Baby Chicks

Only 2 have hatched so far.  She has 6 more eggs under her.

We had a feast tonight with Patsy's pork chops, mashed potatoes, fresh tomatoes and gravy.  It was really, really good.

It has been trying to blow up a storm for an hour now and just now I heard thunder.  Oh, it has just started raining.  It was really hot and sticky today.  Maybe tomorrow will not be quite so hot.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Critters in the yard...

In the front yard.

In the side yard.

In the trees.

In the fence.

In the road.

And who knows where?  She keeps showing up in clothes that I do not recognize as belonging to her.  Some of them came from Kris and Amanda, but I did not think this looked like something Helen would buy.  I asked her if she got it off a dead gypsy, but that just got me into having to explain about gypsies.  She said the neighbors gave her the top.  I bought her the shirt a couple of months ago.

We got another inch and a half of rain today.  I am getting lots of beautiful tomatoes now.  I traded some to Patsy for eggs today.  My hens stopped laying when I locked them up. I guess they were not getting enough sunshine.  Now we lock them up at night and let them out during the day.  So far so good with that. They are predicting showers all week.  That would work for me.