Saturday, December 21, 2013

Oh My,

Girl enjoying Christmas stuff.  

I now have the Big City library out west on the new ipad mini and have downloaded the Chicken in the road book I was wanting to read.  And, I learned a little about the apple.  After so many years of Microsoft it is somewhat difficult for me.  Next, maybe tonight, I have to get the kids a few apps of their own loaded so they will have something they can play with when they get it.  I think it is really the girl that will like it, unless I put race car and truck building apps on it.

It is misting rain and 36 degrees right now, but I think it is supposed to get colder today.

I checked the baby goats last evening and we do have one nannie and one billy.  George named the girl Christmas Carol, and someone at work named the billy St. Nick.  I think maybe these names will stick, but they may turn our to be Carol and Nick. They are doing good.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Posted with

Kids iPad mini, but that's all folks cause kids be here in a few. Don't want to get caught.  Must be a better way to the period on this thing.  Think I will look for a dummies book yo morrow.

Thursday, December 19, 2013


Our girl lost a tooth today.

Did not get close enough to the black one to tell, but I think it is a billy.  May have to call him Patch.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

No pictures, but...

We have 2 more baby goats.  Little Sis has one nanny and one unknown but probably a billy.  They were probably born yesterday from the looks of her and the babies.  They are healthy and jumping around, but really tiny.  I think they are the two littlest we have ever had.  They were at the old barn as I went up to talk to brother this evening, but Mama had taken the black one down in the pasture so I did not catch it to see, but I think it is likely a billy as it was more lively than the one still in the lot.  I think I will name these two Tiny Tot and Black Dot. The nanny is white and black spotted but the other one is mostly black.  This makes 4 nannies born this year.

Maybe we will get pictures tomorrow.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Yeah, Snowman died today!

Most of the snow is gone, gone, and it is supposed to be warm the rest of the week.  Yippee, Skippy. Now we have mostly mud.

Kids are back in school, but the buses are running snow routes. Dad or Papa takes them in the morning and I pick them up.  I reminded them at least it is not like drive to the springs twice a day.  It is nice the school is actually just across the street from where I work.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Snow, Snow, go away

And DO NOT come back another day.

We are setting on 36 degrees at 10 am, so maybe snow will go today.

Son 1 and the kids are at Springfield waiting for arrival of Son 2 and his kids.  I bet our boy is having a time at the airport.

Yesterday, Hannah and Dad built a snowman.


And coming... Boy was busy driving has trucks in the snow and did not have time for this silly snowman building.

Should be back to school tomorrow.