Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Of Kid Tales, Counter Tales, and Tale Cutter

This morning, just for fun, I walked up to the barn to see what Crazy Patsy was doing.  I found her with the little billy outside the lot in tall wet grass.  Billy was soaking wet and his sister was nowhere in sight.  I went around to the other side of the barn and found her in the shed.  Since the billy was so wet and weak I decided to bring them down here and lock them in the chicken pen.

Then we made this area in the back of the shop, where Mama can get in but babies cannot get out.  She finally came around and Helen made the baby cry, she is good at that, so Mama would get in the pen with them.  That was around 11 this morning.  I wanted to take a picture of them together to show the brown one is so much bigger than the billy, but you can not really tell for the pictures.

I just can't get over how much difference there is in the size of the two.

We went to Springdale and after we got back, I went to see about the babies.  Mama obviously had left right after we did and had not returned for 6 hours.  I got her back to them, and they are looking good now.  Of course, when she leaves, she will forget where she left them.  We are going to try to sell all the billies Saturday, and then she will only have to nanny to loose.

And, now for the counter tale.  Remember the bar top I got from Lowes?  It was warped, really, really warped.  When I called them they said bring it back and we will reorder.  On June first, I did just that.  They called and said the new counter was in, so I went up Sunday to get it.  Well, not only was the 'new' counter also warped, it was not new.  It was the same one I took back to them.  I know because I suspected they might try that, so I marked it in such a way as to not be obvious to others, such as Lowes' employees. After about and hour and much hem hawing, they said I could take it home and try it.  If I wanted to keep it then, I could have a full refund. Or, I could have a full refund and reorder again.  I decided on free.  But, when I called yesterday, and spoke with Renee, she said she would refund my money first thing tomorrow and call me.  I am at a lose as to why it had to be tomorrow, but whatever.  When I got home today and checked my caller ID, not Renee call.  I called them and spoke with Sandy who said Renee had already gone home, and no she could not just look in the computer to see if the money had been refunded, but she would get a manager to check and call me back.  After 30 minutes, when there was no call back.  I called and spoke to the store manager.  In about 15 minutes he called back to say I had a refund.  Then, while I was out with the goats, Sandy called and left a message about the refund.  So, I have a free warped bar top.  Junior, when he has time, is supposed to try to straighten it a some before we actually attach it to the cabinet.

The Cutter is  here.

Crazy Patsy

Was down here last night looking for her lost boy.  She was at the barn with the nannie, but I think she actually lost the boy the day before.  She was just running the roads and fences bawling for him.  He did not answer, so I think it is a lost cause, along with lost kid.

I am off today because we are going to Springdale to buy a brush hog.  We really need a brush hog if the renter is not going to cut the hay in a timely manner.  George said Dan has one that has stood up to much abuse.  The ones Kobota sells here are not tough enough for our land.  He searched online and found one at at a  farm store in Springdale, called them to make sure they were in stock. Today, we are taking the kids and going to get it.  Tomorrow, if it does not rain, it is weeds be gone.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Kid update

One kid is in KC, on his way to San Diego.

One goat nanny kid is with her Mama.

One goat billy kid is missing, but I am not looking for him.  His Mama is crazy.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

June Nannies

Patsy's Chocolate born June 21.

Little Sister's Dolly, born June 9.

Baby Grey's Snow White, born June 17.

Patsy is Crazy

She  had two babies late yesterday.  She dropped them on the pond bank, right in the middle of the herd. Usually, they would go off by themselves somewhere to kid.  It was really hot yesterday, and she had them out in the blazing sun.   The dark one in front is a nannie and the one laying down is a billy.  George found them when he and Helen used the tractor to lead the horse to water.  He said the little billy was not with his mama.  Against my better judgement, I went back down after a couple of hours to check on them.  The nannie was doing fine, but the billy still had not nursed.  They were lying in the sun, panting with the heat.  I took them over here under the tree and left them with her.  When they all went to the barn, I heard Pasty bawling, and went to check on her.  I did not see babies, so I went back to the tree.  Billy was still there but nannie was gone.  Billy had nursed and was doing better so I carried him to the barn to his crazy mother, but could not find nannie.  George went back to the barn and said he then had the nannie with her, but no Billy.  Maybe she will settle down and do better today.  I think the best thing to do when a goat is kidding is to leave them alone.  They know what to do better than I do.  But, against my better judgement...

And, they lead a horse to water and he did drink.  Who knows if he can lead himself to water now.