Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturday, October 13

I have been wanting to let my chickens out of the pen and then just pen them back up at night, but I was afraid they would not go back in the pen. Then, we have lots of chicken hawks.  Betty said the hawks would sit and watch and pick them off one by one.  Patsy said they needed dirt to scratch in.  I decided, whatever, and gave it a try.  The two big fat red hens were the first ones out.

They all came out except this black banty.  She is the one that they all  tired to pick her eyes out and I had to pen her up by herself for a month.

They really enjoyed the dirt.

And they all went back in about 5:30 all on their own.  I think I will let them out again tomorrow afternoon, unless it is raining.  

It was 70 degrees here today.  A beautiful day off, all in all.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

October 11, Thursday

The renter only has a few calves on the lower side of the road now, so I saw the deer back tonight.  This mama and baby and the mama and twins.

Yesterday was Richard's birthday.  I always remember that Daddy said that Oct 10 was usually the average time of the first frost here.  Usually, any more, it is usually closer to the end of October.  But, several times we have had snow on Halloween.

I am looking forward to a week end of rest.  Don't think I will go get the kids this weekend.  

I have been reading books instead of posting on the blog.  I read The Distance Between Us by Reyna Grande.  She was born in Mexico and came to the US as a child.  I really liked the book.  She wrote realistically about her like.  I think many of the Hispanics I know probably had much the same experiences.  Betty would like the book.

Now, I am reading Beyond the Sky and the Earth, written by a young Canadian woman that went ot Bhutan, over by Tibet to teach for 2 years.  It is really interesting. 

One more day and then two days off.  I really feel sorry for those non-working people that NEVER get a day off.

Monday, October 08, 2012

Monday, Oct 8

Kids went home, I am tired.

Getting ready for audit at work.  I am tired.

I have new pictures of kids.

New winter worthy school clothes.  Hannah posed in all her clothes, trying them all on.

Robert would not pose and would not try on new clothes.  He did wear his new jacket out in the mud and Grandma had to wash it the first day.