Saturday, July 21, 2018

Walking, talking, and posting

Today, I walked to the far side of the Meek hill, just over miles round trip. I tried the s peach to text in google again with some success and some failure. I hound that to insert ,?! And . You only need to say comma, question mark and so on. So, I wonder how you get it to type out comma or period?  I even found that to insert a paragraph you say new paragraph.  Did not try that cause I could not get google to give me back the keyboard for editing meek hill which google thought was meguiel.  

Best news of the week is that our dead people websites are back, carroll county history, powell and stand ridge family history.  We are very pleased that brought then back up.

I cannot get the phone to copy and paste so it will be Monday before I get links on blog corrected.

Today I will take the kids to harrison if they want to go.  Maybe to a movie or just shopping. We will play it by ear

Monday, July 16, 2018

Half bath

We now have a working tub and toilet in my bathroom.  It looks so nice.  Brother does such a good job.  I had no idea he could do all this stuff like the plumbing and all the carpenter work.