Saturday, May 25, 2013

Weeds be gone...

I have gotten a lot of the weeds cut down, but the batteries on the weed eater only last about 30 minutes with this tall grass.   I should have most of the grass gone by Monday.

I bought a pink rose to plant on Mary Chauncy's grave.  I dug up flowers and planted on some of the graves.  I figure if I am going down there to cut weeds every week or so, I can haul water from the pond that is only a hundred yards or so away and water the plants if they need it.

I dug up two rose of sharons and transplanted them.

This is Patsy's pink rose by the 1853 marked stone.

Robert lost another tooth.  He and Hannah are staying all night at the neighbor's, but he ordered his Dad to put he tooth under his pillow up  here tonight.  Greg told him maybe the tooth faerie would come tomorrow night, but Robert was having none of that.  Tooth Faerie has to be here tonight even if Robert is not. 

Uncle George giving rides.  All the kids get a turn.  

The new goat is a billy. That makes 4 billies.   I think we are going to have BBQ goat for the holiday. 

Grandma Again

Greg bought a little 4 wheeler.  He said for t he kids, but he is the biggest kid.

Little sister  had a baby and no one even noticed.  It is probably 2 days old, making it born on May 23rd.  She was born on May 22nd last year.  She only had the one.

Black in front,white in back.  We can call it half n half.  Don't know if it is a billy or nanny.  Could not get that close.

Sliding on the red clay bank.  I told them they could not do this.  It makes their clothes very hard to clean.

Eleven in the picture.  Little Blackie is missing from all the pics, but she was there and still does not have babies.

I am going to Hollister shopping today and leaving everyone here.  My day off.  I asked Grandpa if he wanted to go but he declined.  Did not ask anyone else.

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Otherwise known as not Friday.  But, go home early day is coming soon.

We went to Aunt Patsy's and got pork and toys today.  We had ham, eggs and hashbrowns for supper and it was really, really good.

Boy and his truck.

Girl got a little tea set that she really liked.  They said Aunt Patsy was really nice and that guy was really nice too.  Robert said he loved Aunt Patsy.  At least until she calls again.

Miss Katherine, Robert's teacher gave him this book to keep forever and ever.  He was really proud of it.

Robert giving the ham the thumbs up.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday, Package day

The kids got a package from Helen today.  They were very excited to get it.  But, they were confused and thought it came from Aunt Patsy.

Robert got 2 wooden puzzles, one is a fire engine and one is a train.  

Hannah got a new apron.  She loved it and wore it all evening.

She said she had to learn to cook, so she helped make the meat loaf for supper.  She mixed it with her hands just like a real cook  She really likes to do things in the kitchen.

Robert put both puzzles together right away and was really proud of himself. 

We got about 2 pints of strawberries from our berry patch. Hannah helped make a strawberry short cake.

Robert helped too, by eating the cake.  He said it was delicious.

I was supposed to show Hannah a picture of Aunt Helen, but she has gone to sleep laying here beside me.  I told her Helen was the one we took to the airport and dropped her butt off.  She remembered that.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday at the cemetery

We went to the cemetery today.  I used the weed eater until the battery ran out.  I have two batteries, but someone used one yesterday and did not recharge it.  I got some of the weed eating done, but I can go back after work through the week and finish that.

George set one broken stone, JR set one broken stone, and George filled in the two graves that needed more dirt.  It looks much better.  I am really glad to get the two broken stones reset and the Leathers children's stone back where it belongs.

Taken 5/18 before weed eating machine.

The stone on t he right is the William Cox stone that was broken and there was a hole around it where something had been digging.

Weeds be gone.  Stone on the left in the back is the broken one JR reset.  It is the J McNiel stone.

On the right is the William Cox stone reset in cement

The Leather's graves filled in and the stone relaid on top of new soil.  We dug out some of the stacked stones and put them around the graves.

J McNiel stone reset in cement.

Kids going back to the house. Papa and Grandma did most of this.  We were down there about 4 hours.  Jr came down with the kids just as we were finishing up.  He stayed all of 15 minutes, but he did help a little with some heavy lifting.

This stone had the date 1853 hand carved on it but nothing more.  This is the earliest date in the cemetery.