Saturday, May 25, 2013

Grandma Again

Greg bought a little 4 wheeler.  He said for t he kids, but he is the biggest kid.

Little sister  had a baby and no one even noticed.  It is probably 2 days old, making it born on May 23rd.  She was born on May 22nd last year.  She only had the one.

Black in front,white in back.  We can call it half n half.  Don't know if it is a billy or nanny.  Could not get that close.

Sliding on the red clay bank.  I told them they could not do this.  It makes their clothes very hard to clean.

Eleven in the picture.  Little Blackie is missing from all the pics, but she was there and still does not have babies.

I am going to Hollister shopping today and leaving everyone here.  My day off.  I asked Grandpa if he wanted to go but he declined.  Did not ask anyone else.


The 4th Sister said...

Great them all..Thanks sis

Sister--Three said...

Hope you find what you are shopping for. Erin is coming tomorrow so I have been cooking. We are just having sandwiches and hot dogs, but I made bake beans and deviled eggs.

Winnie Sneed said...

I love seeing all around...looks so lush and beautiful. Hope you have some relaxing "Fleta" time❤

Erin said...

My Greg is a big kid too!