Saturday, November 15, 2014


was the temp at 8 this am.  Now it is all the way to 31.  I am going to go walking in a bit, but I may not go very far.  Betty is making a scarf for me but she is slow, so I made one from a piece of fleece.  It is warm and very cute.  I have to go back today and get a material to make one like it for Hannah. Robert took my picture so you can see.  He says, say stinky feet.

After my walk, I am going to go buy new walking shoes.  I bought new shoes when I started walking in August, and they are wore out.  I figure I have walked over 250 miles in these, just on my daily walks.

And, now it is 32 degrees.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


If I had a scarf, I would want it to be in shades of grey, wide and soft. Wide, because it would need to cover my neck, but be wide enough to pull up over my nose without leaving my neck bare to the cold wind.  And soft like me.

Sir Authur

George bought a billy from someone named Art.  He is supposed to be a good blood line, and he was high dollar, so George has high hopes.  They said he was 9 months old.  He is smaller than our young nannies born last December.  Maybe we should have named him High Hopes.

Here is most of the herd.  We are still going to sell some of the nannies, but not this Saturday.  It is going to be really cold and maybe snow.  

Art is the one right front.

It is freezing here now.  I went for my walk tonight, but only to the blue gate. I am going to have to get a scarf to wrap around my nose when it is this cold.  Other than that, it was nice and brisk

We have to go to Church every Wednesday until Dec. 19.  They are having a Christmas Pageant and we are all in it.  I think Robert is going to be the star.  It is really good that the kids are enjoying going now.

Monday, November 10, 2014

72 to 43

It is 72 degrees here now and the high tomorrow will be 43, so they say.  Winter must be here.

Last week, George moved an old hog building up from Frank's place.  It was one that Floyd built.  He got it all the way up to Son's driveway intact, but instead of leaving it there he brought it on across the garden and up the other side of the house.  It fell apart then.  He has it all stacked under the oak tree at the edge of our yard and says he is going to put it back together for a goat shed.  I am not optimistic,

Saturday, we are going to try to take some of the smaller nannies to the sale a Marble.  Then we are going to buy a new billy, either at the sale, or from Kelly's neighbor.  I guess if we are going to raise goats, we need a billy.  I am wanting to sell all the pointed ear small goats except for Bertha and Lady Grey, but it really depends on how many we get loaded.

Bus is home, got to go.