Saturday, October 12, 2013

Little Grey

And Baby Grey.  She found the baby and it is doing fine.  Since Mama is Little Grey, Baby Grey seems like a good name, but then Bertha's baby is grey also.

I want to name the babies, but really need to choose names that will stick.  So far, none of our original goats have the name I first gave them.  And, the big white nanny does not have a real name.  I don't think big white nanny can be a real name.

These are Bertha's two.  They are really tame.  I like that.

Maybe we can call the billy, Billy Bob.

Son is doing something at his house, but I am not sure just what.  He said it was a coy pond.

We had a nice rainy day with spots of sunshine.  I went to Harrison and bought groceries.  I had a flat on the square, but Greg happened to be there also, so I called him to change the tire.  Worked out good for me.  

I made beef stew for supper.  The kids are carving pumpkins Greg bought them.  Emmy and Sam are here and he got 4 pumpkins so that worked out good.  Hannah is really proud of the pumpkins.  I will take pics and post tomorrow.

Friday, October 11, 2013

The Goat Herder

When she gets home from school, the girl wants to go see the baby goats first thing.  Today, they were down past Son's house on the neighbor's.  I told her that and she still wanted to go see them so I let her go.  Here she is bringing them home all by herself.  I shot this from the edge of my yard.

The little grey goat had lost her baby when I went to see about them about 2 this afternoon.  Her bag looked like the little one had been gone for sometime already at that time.  At 5 pm, she was still looking for it in all the wrong places, as places where there was not baby.  I think she had left it up on the hill behind Son's and went over on the neighbor's to graze with the herd.  I was thinking of giving her a new name for former DIL.  Just now, Grandpa and the kids came up from visiting with Son.  I asked Grandpa if Grey had her baby with her and he did not know, but the goat herder said, 'Yes, grey goat has her baby with her.'  I am glad and so is goat herder.

Thursday, October 10, 2013


Little Grey, and Baby Grey.

The girl with Bertha's Little Grey nanny.

Bertha's billy.

Snyders getting in the hay today.

Boy playing at getting in the hay.

A consultation.

Lots of trucks

Bertha's Grey Lady, again.

Goats out on Frank's place just across the fence from Son's yard.  Little Grey Mama is running with the herd again.

Kids will be kids.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

We are in the money now

We have 3 new goats.  Gray goat had one baby, I think a nanny.  It was born sometime yesterday and is up running on the hillside.  Bertha had 1 nanny and 1 billy this afternoon.

The grey one in front is the nanny, and the other one is a billy.

They all look good and strong.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

And, a story for Donna

Donna is one of Patsy's blogger friends.  Donna has lots of stories, old and new.  From one of her old stories, I know that as a young woman she worked at National Bellas Hess in Kansas City.  Since reading about that on her blog some time ago, read that years ago, I have been meaning to tell Donna about our shared experience.

In late 1968 or early 1969  I moved to the KC area with George's cousin Sharon.  We lived in Excelsior Springs, but my first job was as a 'picker' at National Bellas Hess in KC.  This was a catalog mail order business and 'pickers' were people who ran up and down the isles of merchandise picking up merchandise and tossing it into a pushcart much like a grocery cart, then racing back to somewhere else, dis-remembered by me, where the merchandise was organized into packages for shipment to the customers.  It was the most hated job I ever had, and the only job I was ever fired from.   I did not care, I hated the job.  It was also the only company I ever worked for where employees were expected to run.  Actually, I think it was the only job I ever had where employees were even allowed to run.  I think I worked there about 2 months.

After that, I went to work for the  phone company, back when there was only one phone company.  I worked at the Gladstone office of Southwestern Bell until the fall of 1972 when I got married and moved to Ft. Meade Marilyn with my new husband.

Sometime in 1969, we moved from the apartment in Excelsior Springs to a trailer park in Claycomo, right on the interstate.

I did not like working for the company, but my mother still ordered merchandise from them because there prices were less expensive than Sears and Montgomery Wards.

Pictures for Betty

I know that Betty has found a family tree connection on to Helen Gaddy's first husband's family where they  have posted the photo below of Beans Garrison.

I know I had seen a scan of a photo that Helen had of Helen and Gary Garrison that was in better shape that the above photo.

Today, Helen went through her pictures to see if she had Aunt Betty's graduation photo.  We did not find Aunt Betty, but did find the one above of Helen and her husband.

Helen also had the small photo below of Beans Garrison.

It is not as clear as the one with Aunt Helen, but it was a very small snapshot.  I do not know where it was taken.

I found a snapshot of Aunt Betty on her graduation day taken in front of her parents house, but not  her graduation photo.

Anyway, Betty needs to put these photos of Gary Garrison on Ancestry so his family can find them.