Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday, a day off

I was off today.  Had a good day.  Went to the library yesterday, and got some books, but so far no good books.

Kids are doing good.  Robert says next week he has 5 whole days off from school.  He is excited about that.

Deer season started last Saturday, but we have not seen near the deer we usually do at this time.  I think the drought last year was really hard on them.

We have had a couple of hard freezes this week, but today was really nice after the rain stopped.

I have the washing caught up since I was off today, so this weekend all I have to do  is wash sons dirty work stuff.

I am going to try to read a book now, but none of the ones I got seemed very interesting.  Maybe I will just go to sleep.

Tomorrow maybe I will take a few pictures to share.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Work at home job...

George is digging a waterline to the chicken house.  We have black plastic pipe that we bought for the water line to the garden but did not use.  He will fix this so we can connect a hose to the line at the edge of the deck when we want to use it, then just unhook the hose when we are through and the water will run back downhill so the line that is not underground will not freeze.  I did not intend for him to bury it this deep, but that is the way he wanted to do it.  It will be nice to be able to water the chickens without connecting 4 or 5 hoses together.

Yesterday and today have been beautiful days, but they say cold is coming.  Back to work tomorrow.