Thursday, March 06, 2014

Thursday, back to school tomorrow

It was much warmer today and we got some melting.  Kids are going to school tomorrow.

Goats were grazing in the field this afternoon.

George to the kids dog to the vet today to get her fixed.  It was just in time.  She is a nice dog, but I do not want pups.

Tomorrow is last work day and it is supposed to be a nice weekend, for a change.  Surely Spring is on the way.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Wednesday, no school again tomorrow

I wonder if they will go at all this week.

It was nice today and some of the snow melted.  The Meek hill was slushy as I came home from work and the pavement was completely clear.

Helen, I put over $1000 in cash in my account last week and the bank was glad to take it without ID.  You must just look like a crook.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Tuesday, back to work, still no school

Enough already with winter.  We got about 4 inches or so, some sleet but mostly powdery snow.  The roads were not slick and they graded the Douglas road Monday.  This was taken early Monday morning.

We made cupcakes one day.  

Robert thought they were really, really good.

Yesterday afternoon.  I walked up to brothers and took him some eggs.

The two banties and a red hen snug in the chicken house yesterday.  In the afternoon, most of the chickens were out scrounging for food.  I fed and watered, gathered two eggs and then decided to clean the snow and ice off my car.  After pushing most of it off with the broom, I decided to follow George's example and move it to where the sun would help clear the snow off the top.  As I sat down in the driver's seat I heard something crunch.  I was wondering what the kids had left in the seat and then I remembered the two eggs in my coat pocket.  The coat was due for a washing anyway.

George brought up some hay for the goats.  They at some and then used it for a sunbed.

Little Red enjoyed the nice sunny resting space.

I went to work today with no trouble.  I told George last night I would wake him before I left so he would be awake if I had to call for help, but I left him snoring.  It was a nice day, especially this afternoon.  Lots of melting.  No school again tomorrow.  The kids will be lucky to get out before July.

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Robert asks,

'Why is it ice raining?'

I think it is going to be bad.  It is about 20 degrees out and we have had a least a half inch of sleet and icy rain.  No school and no work tomorrow.  Not officially, but I am sure it is going to work out that way.

Yes, Helen, there is something awry at your little house.  The big wind a couple of weeks ago ripped the awning loose.  It is still hanging by one corner.  Sometime before you get back here, the boys will take it all the way off.  Not today and not tomorrow.

The Rock Quarry, Coin, Arkansas...

With subtitles...

Goats on the hill...

Goats eating on the Rock Quarry behind our house.  If you want to know where I live, you can search google maps for The Rock Quarry, Arkansas and find me.  If you are coming to visit today, be sure you have 4 wheel drive or you may have to stay all night.  Weather man says we are going to get ice or rain tonight.  I am hoping it is rain.  I hate ice except in July.

Goats in the pasture.

Yesterday morning I walked to here.  I  am not sure how far this is from my house, but I think it is a little over a mile.

This is Cecil Meek's barn.  Now JR's barn, but I know we all think of it as Meek's barn the other side of Meek Hill.

The whitish specks you can see in the distance here is Son's and Helen's abodes.  Even Hannah knew this was our home when she saw it a couple of weeks ago from this spot when we were going to Harrison.

Close up of the same view, zoomed in.  If you want to visit them today, Helen is not home and her house is so full of junk you cannot even get in the door.  Son is home but his house is full of junk also.  The last time I was down there, he had a dryer, in pieces, all over his kitchen.  That was a month ago, but may still be there.  He has given up on repairing it and is planning on buying a new one.  For now, he uses his washer and my dryer.

I am the only one awake for now.  I am off to wally world to get a few things.  Will probably be back before they wake up.

I am really, really, really tired of cold and blowing snow, or maybe ice tonight. Except for the weather, life is good.