Sunday, August 24, 2014


back to school, back to work.

Nothing exciting going on here.  But it is really hot.  You would think it was August.

I have been walking for about an hour a day.  Today, I went at 6 am and it was really nice.  Last week, I walked after dinner, around 6 or so at night and it was still hot at that time.

Our none paying renter in Daddy's house move out yesterday.

Helen, the kids and I went to Coin Church this morning.  It has been about 3 weeks since I went with all that was going on.  Robert was so excite to get to go.  Not!  At one point when the preacher said we could sit, Robert said, 'finally.'  Sometimes I agree with Robert, but we are going anyway.  Hannah enjoys it and she gets to sing.  She is a good singer.

Anyway, back to school and work tomorrow.