Friday, November 01, 2013

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hey, lookey here

Thanks to George.  He said he found it in the back yard.  He figured I had burned the other one by now.

Breakfast by Hannah

This morning I made scrambled egg omelets for breakfast.  The kids did not want scrambled egg omelets.  Robert had eaten 2 pieces of pumpkin pie a couple of hours earlier and the girl decided she would have a candy bar for breakfast.  I would not let her eat the candy bar and Daddy said she could not have anything else until she ate what I had made.  Thirty minutes later, Daddy had left the scene and Grandpa made her toast and jelly for breakfast.  Robert said he wanted what Hannah had and she said she could make it.  They  have now eaten about 6 pieces of toast between them, I think just because the girl wants to make them.  

No, I was not cleaning house and probably won't for at least another month.  Yesterday when I got home from grocery shopping the house smelled like we had a gas leak.  George did not think it was a gas leak, he thought it was a dead mouse.  I am not sure, but we searched in vain for the source of the smell.  I could not even tell if it was coming from the kitchen or the laundry room.  It was a nice day and we left the front door open for hours with little change in the smell.  

I was wishing Helen was here because I think she would have just HAD to find what smelled like a gas leak in the house.

After I cooked the  pumpkin pies and had the oven on for over 2 hours yesterday afternoon the smell went away and has not returned.  So, maybe it was a gas leak.  I am just glad to be rid of that awful smell whatever it was. 

Today is a gorgeous day but since Helen is not here, it is wash day for all the boys work clothes.t