Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday, Oct 19

Cool today, but warmer this afternoon.  Supposed to be a really nice day tomorrow.  No kids again this weekend, so I am going to Harrison tomorrow and look for new work shoes.  The ones I have been wearing have started to hurt my feet.

I cooked a Cooks Ham tonight with baked sweet potatoes and an apple pie.  Sara Lee made the pie and I baked it.  It was really good with ice cream.

Helen wanted to know why the pictures have been prettier lately.  It is because of the fall color and the sunshine and shadows.  Overcast days with all green landscape do not make for very pretty pictures.  I may walk up on the hill to the pond in the morning and see if there are any deer up there.

I got two eggs today, one green and one brown.  The chickens really enjoy getting out of the pen.  Today, they got extra time out because Friday is always go home early day.  I let them out about 1 this afternoon and they enjoyed chasing bugs in the sunshine.

Two days to sleep late in the morning and do whatever I want, just like Helen.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

After the Rain...

Wednesday Oct 17

A little rain and some really black clouds.

I let the chickens out, but they are back in out of the rain.

When Romney takes Patsy's SS check and gives it to bain capital, she will be singing out of the other side of her mouth.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday, October 16, a really beautiful day

In the upper 70's and lots of sunshine.  

The election has me depressed.  I am thinking we are going to get Romney.  And, I think back when the last Bush first got elected and we thought, well, really, how bad can it be?  I don't think anyone in the World imagined in 2000 how bad 2008 and beyond would be.  I hope in 2020 our country is not looking back on 2012 as the best times of the decade.

Let them eat goat and chicken.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday, Monday

A beautiful, beautiful day.  Yesterday we let the chickens out most of the day.  The big red hens are the most excited to get loose and the best bug catchers.

The dog mostly ignores them but then a few times she decided to chase and catch one.  I think maybe as long as they stay close to their pen, she thinks they are alright.  I thought she had killed one yesterday when I could not find it, but then found her, the big red hen with the black tips on her tail, hiding under the pen.

Today, I let them out about 3 when I got home.  They are all gathered here in front, dusting and hunting for bugs. 

I  got 4 brown eggs yesterday, but I think that was 2 for Saturday and 2 for Sunday.  Today, I got one green egg.  I enjoy the chickens more when I can let them out.  They just scratch and run, scratch and run, then dust and sun.