Friday, June 08, 2012

June 8

This is a black berry vine over by the old Stone place cemetery.  You can see there are a very few ripe berries, but most are still red.  I think probably another week before they are fully ripe.  Then, Clayton can go over there and pick us some berries.

The goats have been browsing on the green stuff that is growing in the pond.  I don't know what this is called, some kind of water grass.  It is not the water lilies, although we have those in the pond also.  It would be nice if the goats would eat this all up.  I have noticed that goats do not much like water.  When it gets hot, cows will stand in the water all day.  Goats do not like to get wet at all.  Any little sprinkle and they head for the barn.

The babies on the pond bank.

I watered the tomatoes Wednesday evening.  I am thinking if we do not get a rain in the next week, I am going to need to water the corn or I will not be gathering any corn next month.

Two days off, hooray. 

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

June 5

The garden looks good, but we sure could use rain.  The pasture is turning brown and the garden will be too if I don't keep watering it.  We have had squash, new potatoes and a couple of tomatoes already.  I gathered about 20 squash tonight and will take them to work tomorrow.  We have had new potatoes twice including tonight.  The 2 ripe tomatoes were on a plant that had some kind of disease.  It may be what Clayton has had in his.  I pulled 3 tomato plants over the weekend that looked wilted even though they had plenty of water.  

The corn is growing, but I noticed Clayton's is tasseling.  He planted his several weeks before I planted mine.

Still no new goats, but I still think the two brown goats are with kid.  We will see.

Hot and dry is the word for today.  Or, I guess that is words.  

Monday, June 04, 2012

June 4, Monday back to work

But it was not bad for being gone a week.  Things did not pile up too badly.

Below is 2 pictures I scanned of our home that was taken in the spring or early summer of 1996.

Below is what it looks like now.