Wednesday, October 03, 2012

October 3, Wednesday

Mama and the twins tonight, in the dip just past brother's house.

Only two more days and then 2 days off.  I am going to get the babies Friday, so no lazy weekend like last weekend.

Monday, October 01, 2012

October 1, Monday

Back to work.

Dr. Betty Renfroe told me I should take ibuprofen daily for my aching hip.  I thought I would give it a try, took an aleve morning and night yesterday and already this morning I felt better.  Tomorrow, I am going to get a bottle of plain generic ibuprofen to take daily for a month or so.  My right hip was really hurting about a month ago, so much that I was limping for a couple of weeks.  It has not hurt so much for the last few weeks, but it still had a dull ache much of the time, and at night I had to be careful not to sleep on my right side.  I guess she got to be a good Dr. from being her own Dr. for so long.

I think it is great that 14 of Melton and Gertie's 24 grandchildren were in Alpena Saturday.  Considering that 3 have crossed the bar, that is 14 of 21 living grandchildren or 2/3.  And, if Patsy had not forgot to invite her youngest brother, we probably would have had 15 present.  I think that is a pretty good turnout.

Melton and Gertie Powell's Grandchildren

Thelma & Tom's children [6]
    Tommy, Bob, Larry, Susie, Max, Mike
Truman & Frances' children [5]
    Jimmy, Donnie, Frankie, Virginia, Kenny
Willis & Hazel children [8]
    Patsy, Richard, Clayton, Fleta, Betty, Helen, Debbie, Gilbert
Flete & Harold children [1 and only]
Winnie & George children [2]
   Jimmy, Skip
Betty & Chuck children [2]
   Bob, Tim

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday, September 30

This morning was foggy and cool.  I took a walk out the road and then up on the rock quarry. I saw two deer at the pond, but they saw me first so all I got were pictures of them disappearing through the brush. 

I did see two of these buzzing around at the base of a tree.  I was backing up to get a good view for a picture of something else and  heard their buzz.  I thought of Helen when I saw them.  Right away I started going in the opposite direction.

I saw this in the tree up by Brother's.  Just waiting, I guess.

Son worked on the pond again today.

He is dumping the clay he digs out here on the lower side of the bank.

This is what Jr. found this morning in his 'dig'.  He says it is a hoe and hoe handle.  His story is that the drain was stopped up and Grandpa sent Helen down to dig it out.  Helen threw the hoe in the pond and went back and told Grandpa she could not find the hoe.Junior says it had to be Helen because anyone else would have gotten in so much trouble they would have went back and fished the hoe out to do what Grandpa said.  That is his story and he is sticking to it.  

For Betty and the Rudds...

Always talking, maybe should be listening...

This is Linda, Frankie's first born....First, not last.

This is Tracy, Frankie's last born...

This is Angie, Jimmie and Stella's daughter.

This is Carl Dean Rudd, on the left and Frank Rudd on the right, Aunt Francis and Billy Joe's brothers.  Frank died in 1949 and is buried in Pickens Cemetery, here in town.

Benjamin F Rudd Arkansas Sgt 1 Cl 95 Armd FA BN Armd Div World War II Aug 14 1919 - March 30 1949

Click on the photo for a larger sized image.

Carl Dean died in 1944 serving in Europe in WWII and is buried in the Netherlands American Cemetery, Margraten, Holland. Carl Dean Rudd, Staff Sergeant, 335th Infantry 84th Division, died 22 Nov 1944 buried the Netherlands, Purple Heart Metal.

American Cemetery, Margraten, Holland.  In the middle is the American Memorial.