Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April 39

This is my (George's) garden this evening after our little rain. George bought a little 2 cycle tiller and has tilled out the weeds. I hilled up the potatoes and they look really nice now. I have 2 rows of potatoes because I planted twice thinking the first set was not going to come up. They are all up now and looking good. I have radishes and cornbread for lunch.

This is the bird house that I stole from Ridgedale MO after me and son nailed it back together and put on a new tin roof last Sunday. We nailed it to the plumb tree that got damaged in the ice storm. The tree is going to come back because it has sprouts coming out on the other side. Here a new renter is checking out the new space. I think he is going to move in.

And here is our wren that has babies in this little ceramic house I got for a dollar at a junk place last year. There are babies in there because mama or papa keeps taking in food.

This is my new herb garden. I have wanted to plant something around these bird feeders for a couple of years now. I got around George by telling him it is a herb garden. I have planted several herbs, but really, I just wanted to plant here. I want morning glories to climb up the poles. We will see if they come up or not. I do not have much luck with morning glories.

And, today I went to see Dr. Mark W. Powell about my knee. He says I have likely torn a cartilage. I go back next week and then he is going to tell me he want to do surgery. I am so tired of not being about to get around I am going to try this. I hope it helps. I go back Tuesday.