Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Oh Ye of little faith

As I remember it, Ulys Kay's parents were Eb and Mamie Smith.  That is b as in bee, not d as in dee.

Everett L. Smith

Aug. 7, 1908
Arkansas, USA
Jun. 14, 1989
Arkansas, USA

Services for Everett L. (Ebb) Smith, 80, of Alpena, were held Saturday, June 17, at 10 a.m. at the Nelson Chapel in Green Forest with the Rev .Dean Smith and the Rev. Keith Butler officiating. Burial was in the Roscoe Cemetery under the direction of Nelson Funeral Service.

Mr. Smith, a son of Benton and Mellie (Bell) Smith, was born August 7, 1908 in Osage, and died Wednesday, June 14 in Berryville.

He was a farmer.

He and Ruth (Vowell) Smith were married August 10, 1933. She preceded him in death.

He is survived by three sons, E.B. Smith of Alpena, Ulys K. Smith of the Rudd Community and Everett L. (Butch) Smith of Alpena; one step-son Jack Hale of Worth, Germany; one step-daughter, Wilma Harrington of Green Forest; four grandchildren, Jackie Don Harrington, Sandra K. Harrington Bradley, Kevin Smith, and Greg Smith; five great grandchildren; one sister, Gladys Blevins of Blue Eye; several other relatives and a host of friends.

He is also preceded in death by two brothers, Jack and Ernest Smith and an infant brother, one sister, Pearl Blevins and one infant daughter, Eloise.
So, Wilma Harrington was Wilma Hale, half sister to Ulys Kay Smith.  Their mother was Ruth Vowell, sister to Earl Vowell, the school teacher.  In 1940, Wilma and Jack Hale are living with their grandparents, Mack and Bessie Vowell, so maybe they never actually lived in the Smith household.

Now, I have a puzzle.  Was Ebb Smith's wife called Mamie even though her name was Ruth, or was Mamie another neighbor of Grandma and Grandpa Powell? Mamie Rodenbeck?  Mamie Horn???

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


seventy today.  Our thermometer says it got to 69 degrees.  Maybe it will be spring after all.  At least it is really nice right now.

We are getting 4 eggs a day now, 3 large and 1 banty egg.  That is actually enough to supply us.  We do not eat eggs everyday.  Usually about once or twice a week plus Saturday and Sunday.  I even have one heavy hen that is setting.

This was the view from Helen's porch Sunday.  I have decided that Big White and Patsy are still nursing their kids, but I do think that Little Sis has weaned hers.

I sure hope the good weather is here to stay.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The girl...

Wants long hair, so....

So she bought some at the $ store.  She thought it looked beautiful.  She would not let me wear it.

And, today, outside with a coat on but no shoes.  Boy is say, 'No more pictures.  I don't like pictures.'

April 1966

I have named this photo April 1966, so at sometime I decided that was taken in April 1966.  Cheryl Ann is the babe in arms.  She was born Nov '65. It is a holiday because Grandma Powell was present.  Daddy is in his mill clothes.  I am not in the picture, so, Betty, how would I remember anything about the picture? The calendar on the wall shows the month starting on Friday.  April 1, 1966 was a Friday.  Easter Sunday was April 10 in '66.  I think the table is the one Betty sat on and broke.

Fifteen from One

Betty asked if Bertha was really the mother of our herd.  Of the 20 goats we have, Big Sandy, Big White and Mama Gray did not descend from Bertha.  All fifteen of the kids that we have in our herd now have descended from Bertha because Black Billy is the sire of all the kids and he was Bertha's first kid born here in 2012.  That makes her Mama of 15 since May 2012.

Rise and Shine

All is good.

Beautiful start to a beautiful day, I am sure.

This is Patsy's goats taken February 9, 2012, the week after she gave them to us.  Two of these have since died, and Sam gave us an Mother Gray last spring.  So, from the original 6 goats sprang a herd of 20.

For a couple of days, I have been trying to get a picture with all 20 goats in one picture.  This is yesterday, around 5 pm up on the hill above the cave.  Never could get them close enough together to get them all in on frame.

This was yesterday, just at sunset.  They are all there, but you cannot actually see each one.

This is this morning a little after 7.  I counted 20.

This is all of them except Bertha, Big Sandy and Little Red.

Mama of them all.

They are making up for lost time grazing.  

Big Sandy and Little Red go their own way.  Sandy always goes her on way.  She is not a leader or a follower.  I think all this years babies are weaned now except for Little Red.

I did not try to count them here, but they are all in the picture.  It is supposed to get up around 60 today.  I am planning on doing nothing.