Wednesday, June 01, 2011


All the way

To the wall.  This is the last little strip that had to be cut to 2" wide.and I thought it would be really hard to get that little strip in but it just went right in.

He put in the last strip at about 8:30 last night. It looks beautiful.  Now, I have to put everything back in place.

Monday, May 30, 2011


Saturday about 1pm, George unfinished the living room flooring.  He said it was in backwards.  That made it harder to connect the pieces, since the groove in the second piece had to slide under the tongue in the first piece already down. He disconnected each row or run, one run at a time.  It did go back together easier.  When we did the living room the first time, sometimes you would have run together, but when you added a piece on the next run, pieces would pop loose.  He had the living room floor back in place and ran it all the way across to the door by 6 pm or so.

We did not get started yesterday until 2 pm, but by 9 last night we were over past the bar in the kitchen.  Today, he is going to make a stand for the sink so it can be moved.  We should have the floor finished tonight or sometime tomorrow.  We may go pick up the kitchen window today and if we do, he will start on that.  

If son can come help next week end, we should be able to get my new front door installed.  George will need some 'expert' help with the door.  He does not think I am much of a carpenter.