Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thursday, December 13

Chickens sure like getting out to scratch for a living. George turns them out each morning, and I am supposed to lock them up at night, but usually I forget and he has to lock them up himself.  A couple of nights we have forgotten to shut the door, but usually someone remembers.

Dan's horses.  The are down by the graveyard and I was standing in the road by Brother's house.

The Carroll Boone water tanks over the other side of 62 hwy.

The same picture, without zoom, zoom.

I took off today to go to Branson shopping.  I got Hannah's Barbie stuff, and PJ's for all the kids, but did not find Robert a big truck.  I am going to Tractor Supply Saturday. I think they have toy trucks.

Tried to call both Patsy and Betty, but no one was home.  Patsy is probably our grocery shopping as she got paid yesterday.  Betty is probably walking the road picking up cans to sell.  At least that is my story.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wednesday, December 12

George worked on the chicken pen by putting old chicken house curtain material he got from the renter around most of the house to keep out the cold.  It is black, so it will really help keep it warm.

Way over in the corner between us and Dan, down from brother's house.

New camera zoom.

Wednesday, December 12, a day in history...

Patsy said

Slave is another name for servant and the two words are interchangeable.  I say that is not correct.  I say Patsy is wrong.  A day for the history books.

Definitions from the web:


A person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them.
Work excessively hard: "slaving away for all those years".
noun.  thrall - helot - bondslave - serf - bondservant - bondman
verb.  drudge

No servant noted in this definition.


  1. A person who performs duties for others, esp. a person employed in a house on domestic duties or as a personal attendant.
  2. A person employed in the service of a government.
menial - attendant - servitor - employee - footman

No slave noted in this definition.

The difference between slave and servant is ownership and payment, freedom and bondage.

King James said servant, Schofield said inferior.  The birthers believe what Schofield said.  And, Genesis 9:25 is the Bible passage the Mitster's people used to deny Black people access to the priesthood. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

And the rotating image problem...

Usually you can type about anything in google and find a good answer, IF you can sort through all the junk and find the real answer.  As Patsy found, searching for the Scofield Bible notes you can find them all online.  When searching for rotating Blogger images, I got lots of results pointing to rotating header images when what I wanted was why images that seem correctly oriented on my computer, come out sideways on Blogger like Betty's tree.  I also got several results concerning a problem with blogger rotating images that had dates from several years ago. I knew these would not be helpful now as Blogger has changed much in the last 4 years.  Then some of the results were just plain wrong.  One said, yes you can rotate the image but it is so complicated that only experienced computer gurus would be able to make it work.  That is just stupid.

Anyway, here is the answer to Betty as to why her photos are wrong ways up and how to fix it.

Some cameras have an auto-rotate feature that conflicts with some other software including blogger editors.

Log in to with your blogger username and password. This is where uploaded images are hosted. Find the album for your blog and open it. Find the picture that is rotated and open it. In the corner you will find an edit button. Rotate the image then save it. 

When you go there,, you can login and see all the pictures you have on your blog in folders or albums.  Find the one you want and edit it.  I knew Google had my photos store somewhere like this, but I had never looked at them before.  You can even upload photos there if you want.

The reason Patsy can rotate pictures and make it stick is that she always uses Picasa as her photo editor.

This would be a good picture to add...

Tuesday, December 11, The Scofield Reference Bible

Is a King James Bible study Bible.  I have two Scofield Bibles.

The copyright is 1909, 1917, renewed 1937, 1945.

The Scofield Reference Bible
The Holy Bible
Containing the Old and New Testaments

With a new system of connected topical references to all the greater themes of Scripture, with annotations, revised marginal renderings, summaries, definitions, chronology, and index, to which are added, helps at hard places, explanations of seeming discrepancies, and a new system of paragraphs.

Edited by

The Bible Daddy and Mama bought for me in 1972.

The Bible Daddy gave me.

The little Bible that Daddy wore out was a Scofiled Reference Bible.

Genesis 9.1 from Daddy's Scofield Bible.  Click on the image and you can read this, But Patsy already found it in text form online and put it in your comments.

This is Daddy's Bible and a modern paperback that I have.  The ESV is one Greg got somewhere.

Genesis 9.1 from the ESV Bible says the same thing as the Scofield King James Version.

This does not say Canaan will be a slave, but does say he and his descendants will be servants...
Genesis 9:25 And he said, Cursed be Canaan;  a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren.  Scofield's note says A prophetic declaration is made that from Ham will descend an inferior and servile posterity (Gen. 9. 24, 25)

If you want to study the Bible, a reference, study Bible is a big help.

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Sunday, December 9

Finally, saw the deer, mama and twins in the field tonight and got to try out the zoom, zoom.

Grandkids went home this afternoon.