Saturday, January 16, 2010

Oink, Oink

Where's the bacon? George has named them Bacon and Pork Chop. They are good sized pigs. He got them from Kenneth and Joey Terherst for helping with the hay.

I got a new frame for this painting. I am going to hang it in my new room behind my big brown chair. I got the frame at Big Lots for $15. I think it just fits the painting.
I was looking for drapes or curtains for my living rooms. I could not decide just what to get, so for now I got cream colored sheers. I really would rather have drapes with a print or pattern of some sort, but cannot decide just what I want. I also got new dark colored rods, not quite black, but almost. Erin says she has some curtains for let, so I am going to go look at them some week end and see if I want them.
Tomorrow, I guess we are going north to Missouri. The big girl will be 9 years old Tuesday and we need to take her the present I bought. I have been giving the kids money for their birthdays, but I decided to buy her a new outfit this time. She will probably be mad because she did not get money.