Thursday, December 08, 2016


The most important function of a PC is USE.  In order to USE a computer in easily it is best to have and attached mouse, although many will tell you different.  This is the type of mouse I like, with string attached so I always know where it is.  I found this one at Staples.  You will see it is very expensive, but USEFUL.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Names that stick

That is what we need with the goats so that when we talk about them we all know what is what and which is which.  Seven and Chocolate Milk are perfect examples.

This is Chocolate Milk when he was born last spring.  We named him Joey after one of Robert's NASCAR drivers, but Grandpa renamed him Chocolate Milk.  Number Seven is a nanny born this spring that had a now forgotten name because Grandpa redubbed her Seven for the 7 shaped mark on  her forehead. 

Now with our new crop of babies we are negotiating names.  First, I named one nanny Blessing because of Thanksgiving, but have not liked that name.

The brown nanny in the foreground, formerly Blessing,  is now Pumpkin, or as Robert says, Pumpkin Pie.  I thought either Pumpkin or Peanut.  Robert said Peanut would not do because that reminded him of private parts.  So, meet Pumpkin Pie and Turkey.  Turkey is a boy and names for Boys do not matter as they will not stay here past spring.

This is Gravy, a boy to go with Turkey above.

Big White's babies above and below.

These are the two girls from Big White.  We let Hannah's friends name them.  They are right to left, Lilly and Lou, or Lilly Lou. The more  brown one is Lou, the mostly white one is Lilly.

These are the newest babies born Sunday.  Boy with boy and girl with girl.  I named them Happy and Jack.  Yesterday Hannah redubbed the girl Carmel Head because her head is much lighter brown than all the others.  So, meet Jack and Carmel. Hopefully these names will all stick and we can all know who is who and which is which.

BTW, we were making pictures for Christmas cards here.  I have them ordered so you may all get one, or not, depending on my getting them addressed and mailed.  Anyway, the cards are really really cute.


Sunday, December 04, 2016

Be still and know that I am...

Happy, Jack, or Happy and Jack

Cher had a girl and boy this morning.  The girl nursing here is Happy for Happy Birthday Hannah and the boy is Jack for Happy Jack.

The girl had a harder time of it, but they are both doing good now.  Locked in the little pen with mama, warm and dry.








Tree Climbers.

Fence Jumpers.

Baby Namers.

The baby with the most brown, second from left is Baby Lou, the one far right is Lilly Lou.  The girls holding them submitted the winning names.

All had a great time.