Friday, October 03, 2014

Helen, where are you?

Helen has been using George's chainsaw today.  When I went out for my walk at 6, she was here.

She said she was dying.  I told her to stay right there, do not die in the house.

She cut here.

And here.  And all around the house.

Sun was setting as I started back from the other side of Dan's.

I took a few pictures.

And walked 3 miles.  As I got back to Helen's, I walked up to the house to see if she had died.  The house was dark, and I saw no sign of her dead or alive.  I decided maybe she crawled into the crack in the porch with the snake.  But, no, as I came on around, she was out behind the house piling brush on George's brush pile.

Tomorrow is cleanup day at the Coin Church.  I am walking over, but hope to get a ride home with Helen.  It is going to be cool in the morning, so I may wear the jacket Betty gave me.

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Almost there

to the end of the week that is.  Monday, our hot water heater sprang a leak out the top.  Tuesday, we went to Lowe's and got an new one.  George put it in yesterday, so we are back in hot water.

Saturday is cleanup day at the Church then Sunday is pot luck day.  I think I am making BBQ wings and pumpkin pies.  No telling what Helen will make.  She can't cook, you know.

It has rained most of the afternoon, but I still walked about 45 minutes.  Did not get very wet.

Tomorrow night it is supposed to turn cool, down in the 40's.  Good walking weather.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Health and Wealth

Today, George and I had a health assessment  for our company health insurance.  All our numbers were within the acceptable limits, for both of us.  I was pleased because if the numbers are not good, I have to pay more for my health insurance.  Money is my motivator to get healthy.  My BMI 23.2, down from 24.9 last year.  My waist was over 2 inches less than last year, my weight was down by 8 lbs from last year, but it is down 15 lbs from this summer.  BP was good and my LDL numbers was down 34 points from when I had it tested at my Doctor's lab Aug 6.  All this is so I can remember next year what numbers were, because I always loose the papers.

Also on the non wealth front, we had to buy a new hot water heater today.  George will install it tomorrow, or not.  If not, I can always take the dirty dishes to Helen's and just add to what she already has.

The girl is staying with Aunt Helen tonight.  I bet they have a bit time.

We did not get home till after 7:30 tonight and I still went for my 1 hour walk so it was getting dark when I got back.

Tomorrow is camel day.