Saturday, December 07, 2013


Good Morning

It was 3 degrees at 7 am but has climbed up to 4 now.

And, Helen, brother did not go anywhere except out to his truck yesterday to melt off the snow.  You know he has to go outside to smoke and the truck was outside.

Friday, December 06, 2013


And more snow,,,

Snow pictures

Snow work, Snow play...

I went out around 9 this morning and fed and watered the chickens then walked up to the barn and fed and watered the goats.  They are staying in the old milk barn and in the part that brother had for a chicken house.  Then I walked out the road.

Around noon, the kids went out and played with sleds for about 20 minutes.  The boy really loved it but the girl thought it was really cold.

Greg has started the welder and move it around close to the back door, just in case, but I don't think we will need it.  It has about quit snowing now.  We got around 5 or 6 inches.  Greg went to town and go milk and bread.  He said the roads were really bad.

We are mostly staying in and watching the bloob tube.

I made chicken and noodles for us and chicken and dumplings for George.  It was really good.  All and all not a bad day to stay in and stay warm.

Two inches and rising...

About 6:30 this am, 2 inches, still falling fast, 18 degrees.

Greg is home, and no work today for him or me.

Maybe we will grill since we have an extended weekend.

We still have electricity.  Since we did not get much freezing stuff sticking to the trees, we will probably not loose it.  KY3 is saying many people in central Arkansas are without electricity, so that might include Betty and her grandkids, but we are doing fine for now.

Yesterday about 4 pm, Ice Road Trucker.

Grandma, I made a snow angel.

Thursday, December 05, 2013

No Go Snow Day

Kids did not have school and I came home at noon.  I don't plan on going in tomorrow if we get any more falling stuff.  Right now, we only have a little sleet on the ground and the roads are still clear.  It is supposed to start snowing tonight or tomorrow.  We are warm and snug with lots of food so we can stay fat.  And, we do have a generator if the elect fails.  I have hamburgers to fix tonight because Tuesday boy was wanting hamburgers for supper and I did not have any.  Tonight it is hamburgers and I think tomorrow is chicken and noodles or dumplings or chicken pot pie.

Sunday, I made Donna' Turkey Frame soup and it was really good.  I did not make homemade noodles, but I did buy Amish Kitchen Kluski extra thick noodles and they were much better than plain noodles.

I am liking the new TV setup.  The reception is much better than we had not necessarily because of the new system but because they ran new wires.  And, the internet is much more convenient.   Sometimes it is faster and sometimes not so much, but I like it better than what we had.

Boy is plowing ice with his new snow plow truck.

This is all we have got so far.

Girls new silver capped tooth.

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Goats and TV

We are going to take our used to be Billy to the sale this Saturday. Although he is no longer a Billy, he does not know this and will not let the white billy near the females when they come in heat.  Bertha was in heat this weekend.  We locked her and the white billy in the chicken pen so maybe in May we will have more babies. If not, I am they will try again next month.

The Dish people are coming today with a Christmas present for me and George.  We are getting a satellite update, so we have 3 TV's on the system.  No more watching sponge bob for us.

Tomorrow it is back to work.  And, I have to take Hannah back to the dentist tomorrow for a silver cap on one of her molars. We are building her up that this is a wonderful thing.  We will see how it comes out.

Thanks, Helen, for the library thingy.  I am going to go reserve my Chicken in the Road book.

Monday, December 02, 2013

Thanksgiving for birthday


Birthday, Friday.

Today, we go to dentist then will  have Angel Food cake for birthday girl.  Today is actually  her birthday.