Saturday, February 27, 2016

Debbie Lee Powell

I remember taking this.  She did not want to touch the cedar tree because it had stickers.  Taken below Mama's bedroom window.

Debbie and Gilbert

Just Debbie, I am sure we took these to send to Patsy in California.

Debbie, the barn, and dog.

Debbie in the swing.  Note little trees.

Mama and Debbie. Patsy probably took this.

Mama and Debbie in swing.

Debbie with her cats on the back porch.  We have a picture of Barbara holding a baby taken this same day.

Photos from Patsy's collection

This was labeled as below.

Back row, Louisa, Jonell, Mary, Francis Sue
Front Barb, Esther, and Cindy

Helen and I kept some Patsy's collection when she passed.  Mostly we kept photos that were not of her and her children, like this one of the Rudd family.  There was a couple of old ones of Patsy.  I sort of wish we had kept more of Dillard's family, but that is the dead person hunter in me.

I have scanned several and put them in a google album  here
I have made the album public [I think], so someone needs to click on the link and see if it works.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

News or no news

Mostly, lately, it has been no news from me.

A streak across the sky in the early morning, that is me.

Saturday, I walked over to the Coin bridge and then down the far side of Dry Creek back home.  I will not be doing that again, but I did it once.  When I crossed back across the creek, I did not know where I was, but sorta recognized this scene when I came out of the brush along the bank.

Sunday, I went for a walk down to the creek with two Grandma Gaddy's and this little girl.

This is the view from the above hill.

Two Grandma Gaddy's crazy as loons.

The girl is going to be in the GF beauty review.  This is  her dress.

We need sparkly shoes and choker.  We may go to Branson this week end to shop.

The red line is the line I took when I walked this last spring.  The purple line was the crazy ladies excursion Sunday.

Today is half way and Church night.