Saturday, February 27, 2016

Debbie Lee Powell

I remember taking this.  She did not want to touch the cedar tree because it had stickers.  Taken below Mama's bedroom window.

Debbie and Gilbert

Just Debbie, I am sure we took these to send to Patsy in California.

Debbie, the barn, and dog.

Debbie in the swing.  Note little trees.

Mama and Debbie. Patsy probably took this.

Mama and Debbie in swing.

Debbie with her cats on the back porch.  We have a picture of Barbara holding a baby taken this same day.

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Sister--Helen said...

and note the sistern was just below the right corner of the window...I thought it was farther over towards the edge of the soon as I saw the picture of Deb and the ceder tree I said "stichers" I remember that we..I can't remember that old swing it was sitting up by the light pole.