Saturday, January 11, 2014

A good day...

Weather much improved.  No work.  Grocery shopping complete for the week.  House cleaned and a good book to read.

I enjoy reading on the pad much more than the computer.  It is much more like a book.  I am now reading Burning the Days by James Salter.  Well, not the whole but, just bits and pieces that catch my interest, but he is a good writer.  I read the Chicken In the Road book.  I was a let down.  The good parts I had already read on her blog.  I did read most of it, but I am glad I downloaded it for the library and did not buy it. In the last month I have downloaded several books from the big library in the clouds out west.  Some I did not actually read, but some I did read in enjoy.  Last week, in the big freeze, I read Etched In Sand by Regina Calcaterra, a memoir about her and her siblings life in foster care.  It was really interesting.  I read a book written in the 1970's by a woman who trekked across  Australia with a bunch of camels.  The first part of that book was interesting, but the actual part about the trek with camels across the desert was less so.  She was a weird woman who loved camels.

Then, I read all the books I could find by Maarten Troost.  His books are very funny, but informative.  He spent many years following his wife around Islands in the Pacific in her job as a social worker.  He writes about the lives of the locals with envy of their lifestyle.  Very refreshing.

I read Wine to Water and found it very interesting.  This is a charity started by a man wanting to help people in Africa get clean water.  The charity won the CNN hero of 2009 and CNN aired a documentary about him recently.  I did not watch it, but it was likely interesting.

I have downloaded a book about Mandela to read next, but if the weather keeps improving I may take a walk tomorrow morning instead of reading.

I  think Helen as mildewed in all the damp and cannot move to type on the computer anymore.

Thursday, January 09, 2014

School called...

No school tomorrow.

Ice last night, no work or school today

Well, only a little ice, but still, I did not go to work, and the kids did not have school.  I decided last winter that I was not driving to work on ice and snow anymore.

I went out at 8:30 and fed and watered the animals.  They were glad to see me.

The big goats were out and about looking for food except for Big Brown and Patsy that were up in the barn.  All the little kids were at the barn in the dry.

I have a cold and had not been feeling the greatest.  Today, I took a nap, so now I feel worse than ever.

The kids are hoping they do not have school tomorrow, but I think they will.  I told their dad that with the attitudes they have about school, we will be lucky to get them through the 9th grade.

He is down at Clinton.  He said they had ice last night.  It took him 2 and a half hours to get back to Clinton from the quarry when it usually takes him 30 minutes.  But, he said he was luckier than some. About 10 miles from Clinton, he picked up someone that had been afoot since Damascus.  Google says it is about 18 miles between the two, so the guy had been walking in the sleet and ice for 8 miles.  He said no one would stop.  I am glad Greg helped him out.

I will go to work tomorrow, but it is go home early day and then 2 days off.  We are supposed to  have a heat wave Sunday.

Monday, January 06, 2014

Too cold to work, too cold to go to school

And the kids do not have school tomorrow, but I think I will go to work.

It was -1 this morning, and we had a high of 13 degrees.  It is already colder than that tho.

I made chicken and dumplings for supper.  Kids said yuk and had burritos.  I say yuk.

This was Friday morning.  Much warmer than today.

All the baby nannies in front.  On the far right is Nick, the billy from Little Sis.  Next is Christmas Carol, then Holly, the Molly, then Boots, Big White's billy.

This was Sunday morning.

And this morning.  The sun was out most of the day, but did not help much with the temp.

Kids wanted to go outside despite the cold.  

They stayed out there about 30 minutes.

I did not even go out the door today.  Greg fed the goats and watered the chickens for me.

Tomorrow it is supposed to get above freezing.  I do not like this weather.

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Blogpost blogging hopefully with photos???

Ok, it was snowing 30 minutes ago, but has stopped now. It is supposed to get colder and colder all day. It is 28 now. Kids probably will not have school tomorrow. Would be bad to be stuck on meek hill with a bus load of little kids. And I may not go to work tomorrow after all.

So, with the blogger app it is easy to add photos on the pad. Not sure about other photos.  This is just a toy anyway. Figure typing is a real pain.

Signed, Old Woman...