Saturday, July 30, 2016


Had wrong email Addy on email posts cause was using new home cell phone.

I made fresh salsa from Helen's recipe. I am going to make some and freeze it.  Frozen is not as good as fresh, but better than wally world salsa.  Tonight we have tacos with lots of fresh tomatoes.

It is really good.

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Made it

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Can you see him?

Today, l am walking to the r
ed barn 4 only the second time since I hurt my knee.  It was really so when I woke this am but walking gets the stiffness our. It feels much better now but I do ware the knee brace almost all day.

I am trying to post from my house cell phone.  It is the same number but a straight talk cell.  It gets a signal here the other of the hill unlike AT &T but I can't get the voice to work so I have to type this. I will have to have Hannah show me how to do that.

On to the barn now.

Now, can u see me?

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Monday, July 25, 2016

July 25th, 101 years ago

Daddy was born.

Yesterday, Preacher's message was, 'We do not want justice, we want mercy. '  If I get what I deserve, I am lost.  We should all do well to remember this, especially those seeking to lead.

Today was my first day back at  work for almost a month. It went surprisingly well. I was missed and welcomed back with enthusiasm.  I went at it like a normal Monday, one thing at a time.  All is good.

Tonight, Helen had 2 yearlings in her field, a doe and a young buck.  Daddy would  have loved this.  And, yesterday, on the way to Church over by Molder's, I scared up a hatch of about a dozen young turkeys.