Monday, July 25, 2016

July 25th, 101 years ago

Daddy was born.

Yesterday, Preacher's message was, 'We do not want justice, we want mercy. '  If I get what I deserve, I am lost.  We should all do well to remember this, especially those seeking to lead.

Today was my first day back at  work for almost a month. It went surprisingly well. I was missed and welcomed back with enthusiasm.  I went at it like a normal Monday, one thing at a time.  All is good.

Tonight, Helen had 2 yearlings in her field, a doe and a young buck.  Daddy would  have loved this.  And, yesterday, on the way to Church over by Molder's, I scared up a hatch of about a dozen young turkeys.

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Sister--Three said...

Happy birthday daddy!

We are so lucky grace abounds!