Thursday, December 16, 2010

Old news


I have been tired all week.  Stayed up late, past 10 pm Monday night watching the Closer and have not really recovered.

Yesterday, I did Helen's thing and cooked cinnamon rolls, cookies and Laura Jene's cream cheese thingy to take to work.  I had a pizza party for our crew today instead of buying them Christmas Junk.  It went over really well, and my food was good.  My Laura thingy was not as good as Laura's but they liked it because they did not know any better.and thought it was good.  I gave the recipe to several.  I tried a new recipe for the cinnamon rolls.  I always loved those cinnabon cinnamon rolls so I searched for a recipe.  Here
is the one I tried.  I had to use more flour than called for, I let them rise a second time, and I cooked them almost 20 minutes instead of 10, but they were VERY good.  This is going to be my new cinnamon roll recipe.

However, I am not Helen and the whole thing of cooking was a big chore, not a joy as it is with her.  I lived through it though and I am through with Christmas at work until next year.  I am not a fan of Christmas.  I enjoy little presents for little kids under 10 years old.  I have alway thought that Christmas for grown people was an exercise in stupidity.  Every year at Christmas time, I see little children that break my heart.  I think Christmas in our country is about greed and poor little broken hearted children.

Tomorrow, I am only working 4 hours, then I am coming home to make Hannah's birthday.  She asked her Mommy why she did not have a birthday.  I am going to decorate the table with Christmas lights and tinsel and make her a cake with a princess crown on it.  We will go get them Saturday morning.  I am going to give her some of the stuff I got her for Christmas.  I will keep them till Sunday afternoon if she does alright.  Jackie says she is doing great.

I am going to try to get some pictures of her in her new Christmas outfit I bought for her.  We plan on having a big time.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hats and Broadband

What I found out about my wireless broadband is that Verizon is having a problem between the old Altel network address 5 spot connections so that the Wi-Fi does not work in the areas that are served by the old Altel numbers.  That is why the WI-FI light on the gadget did not light up.  They said they were working on it, and when the WI-FI light on my gadget lights up, I will be able to connect to it with my laptop no matter even if the gadget is not pugged in anywhere as long as it is on and within about 100 feet of the laptop.  That means I can leave it plugged into the big computer and connect from the laptop wirelessly.  When they get it working. In the mean time, it works to move it from one to the other. George feels superior in that he kept insisting we go back to the Verizon store and ask for help.  I feel good that I have finally decided that it was the WI-FI on the gadget that was at fault and not my laptop.  Several people told me I probably needed a router.  I did not think so because the wireless on the laptop should not need a router to connect.  And, if I have trouble getting it to work with my laptop when it is fixed, I can just take it all to the store and they will work it out.  That is the good thing about having an actual store to go to for help.

And the hats.  We got them all at Branson.  We went to Denny's to eat at Branson after leaving Harrison.  We were right next to Tanger Outlet, so we started shopping there and did not have to go any other place.  We got one hat and clothes for Emmy's Christmas at the Children's place.  They had a VERY good sale going on.  I got the nice pink hat and gloves set at Oshkosh along with four really nice school shirts for Robert.  Found the dressy black hat at Clairs, an accessory store, and it cost more than the other three combined.

I also got Yankee candles for my boss and the women supervisors at work.  It is always a chore to decide what to do for the work people.  I usually buy some little something for all the people I work directly with.  This year, I have decided that the day before they have their Christmas party, I am going to order pizza for our lunch.  It will cost about the same and they will be pleased.

I am about through with Christmas, but, I think later today I may go to the dollar store and buy a bunch of toys for the babies, wrap them up and take them over Monday or Tuesday so they can have a present to open each day until Christmas.  The babies are my weakest point.