Saturday, March 02, 2013

Saturday, March 2nd

A little snow, very cold, and lots of wild animals.

Now, everyone has left the building except me.  Emmy went to the neighbors and the two big boys took the little kids and went somewhere.  I did not ask where they were going.  Somewhere besides here in the house.

The goats were all out except the little black nanny a while ago, so I took her some feed.  Mama and this baby were down here in the road and came running, so I put them back in the pasture.  I couldn't see any of the other goats, so I walked up to brothers thinking they might be in his yard.

No, they were all waaaay up on top of the hill.  Before, they have only ventured along the edge where the brush first starts.  Today, they were clear out of sight up on top.

I put them all back in.

They ate some hay.  I am sure they will be back on the hill later.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursday, February 28, the end

Of February and I am glad.  It has been a disagreeable weather month.

The goats have been getting out and going up on the hill to eat everyday.  If they leave the dogwood in the yard alone, we usually just leave them out until they decide to go back in.  Today, George said Mama even had the baby out.  The little black nanny never gets out.  She is always bring up the rear.

Tomorrow is last day of work, and I will go get the babies after work.  They will be excited about the new baby goat.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday, February 25

Back to work.  More rain. More cold. Some of this and some of that. It must be February.

Only 3 weeks until Daylight savings time starts again.  Not much news.

This is  granddaughter having fun.  She was bored and wanted something fun to do.  She says, I know Grandma, lets clean house.  Not Grandma.  She must have Aunt Helens genes.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

News from down south...

James Furry says today...

Been thinking about you Carroll Countians.
Hoping all are OK and still doing family History research.
   All is well here.  I have been running around with two of
my kids today. 
   Tell me all the family news.

Sunday, February 24, day of rest

And I did.

I got a green Easter egg. 

And, I made homemade yogurt.  To make your own yogurt, heat a half gallon milk to 180 degrees in a crockpot.  Cool to 95-115 degrees.  Add 1/2 cup live cultured yogurt to a cup or two of the milk mixture and stir and stir.  Add this back to the milk mixture.  Transfer to sterilized containers, put them in a container of some sort, wrap with a towel and put all in the oven with light on for 12 hours.  You have yogurt.  If you like Greek Yogurt, you get that by draining regular yogurt through cheese cloth for several hours.  Or, my recipe called for adding 1 1/2 cups dry milk powder to the starter milk.  This makes a thicker yogurt.  But, now that I know the only difference in Greek Yogurt and regular yogurt is the draining off of the whey, I think I am not so interested in Greek Yogurt.  Regular is fine, if I make it myself. 

Patsy says this little black banty is the one that laid the green egg.  She is the one that I had to separate last fall because they were pecking her.  She is doing fine now.

This is the one that had bad feet. She seems almost well now. She does not limp and her feet look normal. She still has some stuff on her 'ankles', if chickens have ankles.  I probably need to dust the house again.

The whole flock.