Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday, February 24, day of rest

And I did.

I got a green Easter egg. 

And, I made homemade yogurt.  To make your own yogurt, heat a half gallon milk to 180 degrees in a crockpot.  Cool to 95-115 degrees.  Add 1/2 cup live cultured yogurt to a cup or two of the milk mixture and stir and stir.  Add this back to the milk mixture.  Transfer to sterilized containers, put them in a container of some sort, wrap with a towel and put all in the oven with light on for 12 hours.  You have yogurt.  If you like Greek Yogurt, you get that by draining regular yogurt through cheese cloth for several hours.  Or, my recipe called for adding 1 1/2 cups dry milk powder to the starter milk.  This makes a thicker yogurt.  But, now that I know the only difference in Greek Yogurt and regular yogurt is the draining off of the whey, I think I am not so interested in Greek Yogurt.  Regular is fine, if I make it myself. 

Patsy says this little black banty is the one that laid the green egg.  She is the one that I had to separate last fall because they were pecking her.  She is doing fine now.

This is the one that had bad feet. She seems almost well now. She does not limp and her feet look normal. She still has some stuff on her 'ankles', if chickens have ankles.  I probably need to dust the house again.

The whole flock.

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Sister--Three said...

That yogurt sounds so good. I may have to try it.